We Offer Premium Holistic Products
to Promote Optimal Health

Our mission is to offer nutrition supplements and superfoods to promote optimal health and focus on root cause resolution. At our core, Healthy Goods is a functional nutrition brand. Functional nutrition recognizes food is fuel for your body and helps address the underlying cause of your condition.

We understand every single person has different nutrition needs and one size does not fit all; however, there are factors that impact everyone’s health, such as: the quality of your food choices, the health of your microbiome, quality of sleep, amount of daily stress, too much sitting, exposure to environmental toxins, poorly functioning detoxification systems, nutritional supplementation, and your connection to friends and family.

When it comes to promoting optimal health via food and nutrition, that means replenishing the body with supplements and nutrient-rich superfoods to support whichever “system” of the body is lagging.

On our website, you will find researched, credible information about nutrition, toxins, and much more – all written by our holistic registered dietitian nutritionist. Our in-house practitioners also strive to drive ingredient and product development and new solutions to current issues.

Healthy Goods was founded as a functional medicine nutrition brand. Our mission is to offer nutrition supplements and superfoods to promote optimal health by focusing on root cause resolution.

“Healthy Goods has now become a new online resource for me. The level of service I experienced for my first order has been personal and assuring.” -Mandy G.

We live in a toxic world. Xenoestrogens, pesticides, heavy metals, EMF radiation and other toxins assault our bodies every day. Healthy Goods knows supporting detoxification is crucial, and we offer the highest quality products to support healthy liver function and promote detoxification of environmental xenoestrogens.

Whether it’s a detoxification supplement blend, plant fibers, or superfoods like spirulina or chlorella, our products provide you with proven and completely natural ways to support your health and grow.

We want you to look and feel your best. Our passion is optimal health. Let us help you build and maintain a solid health foundation through education and offering the nutrition support you need to address the health concerns you’re faced with.


Health is our greatest wealth and we are a functional nutrition- minded company.


Researched, credible information written by our holistic registered dietitian nutritionist.


Of our business practices and supply chain sourcing.


Our health practitioners strive to drive ingredient and product development and new solutions.


Uckele is committed to the science of understanding optimal nutrition, and is the parent company of Healthy Goods.

Uckele has 60 years of experience formulating and manufacturing the best dietary products on the market. As a family business, Uckele has built a solid reputation as a trusted leader in the production of the highest quality nutritional supplements available.

Mike Uckele, the CEO, carries his grandfather’s business forward with the strong core values of integrity, excellence, and synergy. Uckele’s expert team of Certified Nutritionists, Registered Dietitian, Chemists, Quality Experts, and Product Development Specialists consists of some of the best and brightest minds in the nutrition industry.

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