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How To Support Better Sleep Naturally

6 fantastically natural supplements for supporting better sleep. Don't miss these ideas!

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All About Oral Health and the Oral Microbiome

Oral health is critical to overall health. There's so much to learn about the oral microbiome, so here's a great starting point.

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3 Simple Ways to Grow Your Microbiome

How to grow your microbiome. Just as a thriving garden depends on the right mix of plants, a healthy gut hinges on a good balance of bacteria. Nurture your "gut garden" with these 3 simple tips.

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To Everyone: A Healthy, Happy, and Safe Holiday!

Thank you. We want to thank all our customers, colleagues, employees, suppliers, friends and family for your support. You're the best!

Please have a healthy, happy, contented and safe holiday.

All the best,

The Live Superfoods Team

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Our Serious Plastics Addiction

Our Healthy Goods line does not use plastic supplement containers! We're passionate about reducing exposure to plastic.

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Healthy Holiday Shots

Simple superfood shots everyone needs!

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Stressed Out? Use Adaptogens to Manage Holiday Frustration!

Adaptogenic herbs are an amazing way to support stress both day and night. Here are the best ones to use.

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Managing Your Stress Naturally During the Holiday Season

Make this holiday one to remember, minus the holiday stress! Enjoy these tips to manage stress and make some memories with the ones you love.

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