3 Easy and Healthy Resolutions for 2014

Not big on New Year's Resolutions? You aren't alone. But consider a few simple but impactful habits you can adopt that can make a big difference in how you feel. Here goes:

Portion Control: A little less here, a little less there.

Serving up just a bit less onto your plate, less butter on your toast, less ice cream in a bowl really does add up to LESS calories. Plus it means less bloating, looser pants, more (and more and...) energy. You get the picture.

Don't Over-Salt

Salt is a big flavor enhancer, and it's easy to keep shaking it on. But sit back for a moment and actually taste how SALTY your food is. Adding a little less salt means lower blood pressure, less hypertension, and yes, less bloating from water retention, which means easier weight management.

Studies show many Americans consume almost twice the recommended limit of sodium, which is a teaspoon (or 6 grams) daily. Processed foods contain the most, so make sure to read labels. 

Floss Your Teeth

C'mon, how long does it really take to floss your teeth everyday? 90 seconds? Your overall health, and certainly your gums, will thank you for those precious 90 seconds. 

Like many people, you may not know that bacteria in your mouth can lead to serious problems if you neglect oral health. You may also be surprised to learn that during routine exams, your dentist can spot indications of diabetes and heart disease. One simple thing you can do to head off bacteria is floss your teeth.

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