A Week of Great gifts - Glass Dharma Straws

Our week-long Gift Giving Guide is here to help you pick out that perfect present for everyone on your list! 

When is a straw a gift worth giving? When it is a beautiful and sturdy re-usable glass drinking straw handmade by Glass Dharma's artisan glassblowers. Glass Dharma's straws are eco-friendly, promote good health for you and your family, and add a touch of luxurious beauty to your day.

An Eco-Friendly Gift

Glass Dharma is on a mission to create world-wide awareness about single use plastics and how damaging plastic straws are to our planet. Plastic pollution is poisoning our environment, as single-use plastics fill up our landfills and wind up in our oceans.

Enough plastic straws are produced annually to fill over 46 thousand full-sized school buses! These straws are used one time, and then head for a landfill, where they will never decompose, or to an ocean or waterway near you. Plastic straws are always in the top 10 number of items collected during beach cleanups. 

Using a re-usable straw at home for smoothies, iced teas, or waters, and taking it with you to coffee shops and restaurants, allows you to play a role in reducing the amount of single-use plastic waste that is accumulating in our world. 

A Healthy Gift

While the plastics used in single-use straws, like the ones given to your kids with a beverage at the restaurant or stuck into your smoothie or iced coffee, has improved, there is still debate over its safety. According to Breastcancer.org, "Research suggests that all plastics may leach chemicals if they are scratched or heated. Research also suggests that at certain exposure levels, some of the chemicals in these products, such as bisphenol A, may cause cancer in people."

Reducing your family's exposure to plastics is a common sense way to promote good health and wellbeing. Especially if that plastic is coming into contact with their mouths, their food, their drinks (or worse - their heated/ warm food and drinks). 

A Luxurious Gift

Glass Dharma glass straws are an easy way to add charm and beauty to your day. Breakfast smoothies, iced tea at lunch time, or even a glass of water all feel more graceful and elegant with a glass straw. Your guests will delight in receiving a beverage with a glass straw, as each drink you serve becomes a special occasion. Kids in particular are enthralled with the "glamour" of such a fancy utensil. Because glass straws are the perfect accent to your table and barware, and compliment causal to sophisticated table settings, they make the perfect gift for the hard-to-buy for person on your list, or the person who already has everything. 

Glass Dharma straws come in various sizes to accomodate everything from water, tea, thicker smoothies and milkshakes, or even bubble teas. Their range of styles and color accents can suit everyone on your list! 

About Glass Dharma

Glass blower and company founder David Leonhardt moved to the Mendocino coast of California and found inspiration in the form of a glass straw. David was struck by the unique elegance in such a simple item, and realized he could contribute one solution to the problem of throw away plastics in our society. In 2007, he founded Glass Dharma.

Each Glass Dharma straw is handcrafted here in the USA, in Fort Bragg, California. Glass Dharma straws are made exclusively from borosilicate glass - the strongest glass commercially available. Borosilicate glass is the same type of glass used in Pyrex® glassware and kitchenware. It is lead-free, and dishwasher and microwave safe. Under normal use, Glass Dharma straws will not break. Glass Dharma straws do not claim to be "unbreakable", but Glass Dharma straws are so strong and durable that they come with a lifetime guarantee. 

"I never thought I could love a straw, but I do. So does my family, and we all feel great about re-using these beautiful straws instead of tossing out plastic ones after only one use. I am going to give these as gifts to everyone this year!" - Jackie

For the eco-friendly person on your list, the health-focused person on your list, or for anyone who could use a touch of luxury and elegance in their every day life, a Glass Dharma straw is definitely a gift worth giving. From $7.20 - 9.90 each. 

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