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Nova Scotia Fisherman all-natural, hand-made personal care products are so "gift-able" that it makes holiday shopping an effortless task. The packaging is charming, and each product is so wonderful that the hardest decision to be made is "Should I keep some for myself?"

Nova Scotia Fisherman products are manufactured in the beautiful Annapolis Valley - the agricultural heartland of the province of Nova Scotia. The land of Orchards, Vineyards, and Tides boasts the highest tides in the world. Nova Scotia is inspired by their community, environment, and the people they serve. The result is exceptional quality, hand-made products featuring all natural ingredients found in and around their Nova Scotian home.

The first thing you will notice about Nova Scotia Fisherman natural personal care products is their simple but fun packaging. A salty sea-dog, the Fisherman himself, adorns every product against a signature background of sky blue and mint green. The products look fun and fetching, and the quality of these all-natural, hand-made items can't be beat. 

Nova Scotia Fisherman Soaps

Nova Scotia Fisherman Soaps are 100% natural, hand poured soaps made from olive, palm, coconut, and organic castor oils using a time honored "Cold Process Method." These bars are sizable, weighing in at 4.8 oz a piece. Reduced water content delivers a harder, longer-lasting, and more concentrated bar. This is not some dainty, one-use-and-it's-gone soap, it is a hardy and long lasting bar that will delight the senses and pamper the skin again and again. All natural ingredients and all natural scents are safe for sensitive skins, and the premium vegan ingredients never include petroleum-based ingredients or parabens. $5.49 each. 

Nova Scotia Fisherman Apple Cider Soap smells like a fall day spent in an apple orchard. The delicate aroma of apples, cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg are inspired by the Annapolis Valley's orchards. Imagine sipping hot cider while watching falling leaves of red, orange, and gold. 

Nova Scotia Fisherman Sea Fennel & Bayberry Soap has a scent that instantly transports you home for the holidays. One whiff of this bayberry and sea fennel soap and you will be reminded of roaring fireplaces, snowflakes, mittens, warm mugs, and spiced cakes baking in mom's kitchen. The ultimate holiday aroma. 

Nova Scotia Fisherman Fundy Clay & Mint Soap will awaken and stimulate the senses with cooling peppermint and spearmint. Kaolin clay and lavender help to detoxify and remove impurities, making this soap ideal for balancing oily skins, or for those who prefer a crisp, refreshing scent. 

Nova Scotia Fisherman Seabuckthorn & Shea Soap is ideal for those who prefer a moisturizing but lightly scented soap. Seabuckthorn is a citrus-y berry that is rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Sweet orange and tangerine add to the light, citrus scent. Perfect for drier skin, or those who just want a touch of natural fragrance that is not too heavy. 

Nova Scotia Fisherman Skin Rescue

The perfect addition to a cleansing bar of Nova Scotia Fisherman soap, moisturizing and repairing skin rescue products will restore, renew, and repair. 

Nova Scotia Fisherman Lotion has a creamy smooth texture that instantly absorbs and doesn't feel greasy or sticky. Shea butter and aloe moisturize and repair, and the fresh scent is so light it could almost be called unscented. Leaves you with soft, silky skin. You will want to order two, one for a gift and one for you!

Nova Scotia Fisherman Rescue Balm provides serious rescue relief to dry, irritated, or chapped skin. Chamomile, sea butter, tea trea oil, and lavender help to soothe, heal, and restore moisture to skin. This all natural intensive balm is perfect for chaffed, callused, cracked or sore hands, feet, elbows and more. Packaged in a 1 oz tin that is easy to carry in purses or pockets, this is perfect for the hard working person on your list who is always out in the elements. 

Nova Scotia Fisherman Cuticle Rescue with seabuckthorn is a repairing cuticle balm that will soften and moisturize cuticles, reduce hang nails, and lead to healthier hands. The small tin (.35 oz) is easy to carry, and is perfect for hands that have seen better days, or for manicure maintenance. 

Nova Scotia Fisherman Lip Balm brings extra protection to lips with jojoba seed oil, shea butter, coconut oil, organic coconut flavor, and the light scent of sweet orange. The unique shape and size of this balm, shorter and wider than most lip balms on the market, makes it great for using on other chapped or dry spots too - it can be used to moisturize dry elbows, knees, cuticles, or even to soothe irritated noses during chilly winter months. 

One local ingredient that can be found in every Nova Scotia Fisherman product is Nova Scotia Sea Kelp. Kelp is highly regarded as a beneficial ingredient in cosmetic products. Nova Scotia Sea Kelp, commonly known as bladderwrack, has detoxifying properties, acting as a barrier against toxins. Sea kelp has cell regenerating properties, and it can help improve skin elasticity and wrinkles. Sea kelp also provides moisture, nourishment, and protection for the skin. And don't worry, there are no "fishy" odors in this all natural ingredient. In fact, Nova Scotia Fisherman products smell absolutely lovely!

Nova Scotia Fisherman all-natural personal care products look good, smell great, and are meant to be used again and again. These products will delight anyone on your list. 

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