Bring a Lemon to Work Day

Do you pack a lunch to eat at work? Ready for some brighter, fresher summertime flavors? It's amazing what a little squeeze of fresh lemon will do to pep up your lunch, not to mention your senses when your nose picks up that zingy, energetic lemony scent.

Here's some ideas to enjoy a more flavorful lunch:

Salad days: Bring in washed greens (toss in a thinly sliced carrot, a couple radishes & celery stick), and along with a small bottle of olive oil, salt and a small pepper grinder that reside in your bottom desk drawer, you've got a dressed salad in a snap.

Liven up leftovers: warmed up soups, rice & veggies, chicken or tuna salad, and pastas get much more interesting with that squeeze of lemon.

Grab & Go: you grab the last avocado and the heel from that crusty loaf of bread on your way out the door this morning. Mash your avocado with lemon juice, S&P and slather that goodness on the bread. Also perks up hummus that's been in the fridge for a few days. 

Refresh your drinks: Add a squeeze and a slice of lemon to your water bottle, your morning tea, hot water with honey, etc.

 So enjoy a fresh tasting lunch at the office. Your tastebuds, wallet and waistline say thanks!


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