Eat Your (Sea) Vegetables, Please

Sea vegetables are a great source of vitamins, fiber, protein, and they offer a broad range of minerals. Here's a quick overview:

Nori is most often used as  sushi (or vegan sandwich) wrappers. It's usually dark green, or black in color. Nori is the Japanese term for various edible seaweed species of red algae.

  • It's made by shredding the sea vegetables and making them into what resembles sheets of paper. Japan, Korea, and China are the world's largest producers of nori, which grows very rapidly, and can be harvested within 45 days of its seeding. 
  • How to Use: Toasted nori makes a great snack or by using it as a wrap for a range of delicious fillings like cultured vegetables, quinoa salad, or various nut patés.

Kombu - Great for Soup. Kombu is an edible large seaweed that actually belongs to a family of brown algae. Over 90 percent of it is cultivated and harvested in Japan.

  • It's used extensively in Japanese cooking, particularly for dashi, which is a soup stock used to make miso soup.
  • How to Use: You can add strips of kombu to flavor any soup, or even to flavor your Body Ecology grain-like seeds by adding strips of kombu in the water and simmering for 30 minutes to release all the minerals.

Wakame - Future Fat Burner? Wakame is closely related to Kombu. In addition to many mentioned benefits, recently, researchers in Japan found a compound in wakame that appears to show promise in the fight against obesity. It is also one of the highest vegetarian sources of an Omega-3 fatty acid.

  • How to Use: With its pretty green color and delicate flavor, wakame is great in soups and salads.

Dulse - Easy Snack. Dulse is grown on the northern Atlantic and Pacific coasts, and has been an important source of fiber in Iceland for centuries. It's also common in Northern Ireland, and in Canada. In Iceland, the tradition is to eat it with butter, although it's delicious in soups, and as a salad topping too.

How to Use: You can eat dulse right out of the package as a quick snack that's packed with protein and iron. Carry it with you and eat it when you need some energy or brain food. You can also purchase packages of dulse flakes and sprinkle it on salads or add it to millet, quinoa, amaranth and buckwheat.

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