The Kettlebell Experience by Joe

Kettlebell training has been a huge part of my life for almost a decade now. I was first introduced to kettlebells through some of my Brazilian Jujitsu training partners. Kettlebells are the perfect exercise to compliment BJJ training. The kettlebell will teach you tension and relaxation and to be efficiently strong - exactly what is needed to be successful with ground fighting.

You may be saying that you're not going to take up Brazilian Jujitsu anytime soon. Fine by me. But exercising with kettlebells will help you become efficiently strong, too. Strength training is key to long term bone and muscle health. Plus, you'll feel great afterwards.

A proper diet will only multiply your results. Fish oil and spirulina are daily staples for me. Whey or hemp protein before and after workouts, with maca, glutamine, and/or collagen have been my “go to” for some time now. (see my recipe below)

While kettlebells have been an excellent augmentation to my training regime, because of several serious Brazilian Jujitsu back injuries, I have incorporated kettlebell work for rehabilitation purposes as well. I strongly believe that when done properly, kettlebell work will help solve back issues as they’ve done for me.

To give it a try, all you need is a kettlebell, a little bit of space, and some dedication. My co-workers here at Live Superfoods give me their lunch breaks to train them on Tuesdays & Thursdays. It took a few weeks to get everyone to the same place, and now we are getting into some hard workouts.

Get into a routine with exercise, and your diet will change on its own. The hardest part is showing up! I only hope you could also appreciate the simplicity of a kettlebell and “show up”. You'll be amazed of what you are capable of.

Joe's Pre- and Post-Workout Protein Drink

Add all ingredients to Vitamix or high speed blender and blend until smooth.

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