Let the Merriment Begin (without the weight gain)

Who said healthy habits during the holiday season has to ruin the festive spirit? These simple tips will help you glide merrily through the season without compromising the hard work you've done all year.

  • Eat light, protein-rich meals to balance out holiday splurges. Protein sustains energy and satisfies hunger, so you won't feel the need to overindulge in all of the goodies.
  • Grab a snack before you go. When you're rushing out the door to the next family get-together, have a healthy snack (think apple slices dipped in almond butter) first. Arriving to a party when you're starving can lead temptation - and the consumption of more calories than you had planned.
  • Hydrate frequently. From pomegranate martinis to mulled cider with cranberries, the holdays are full of enticing beverages. To balance out the alcohol and sugar content of these sweet concoctions, try drinking water with freshly muddled herbs. The grounding flavor and beautiful presentation will have other partygoers doing the same.
  • Give yourself a gentle nudge toward something else. Festive "distractions" can remind you there's more to a party than the food. Play some board games, go for a bundled-up walk around the neighborhood, dance to Christmas favorites - or do some karaoke!
  • Take the stairs. Yes, really! Grab a little extra physical activity wherever and whenever you can. C’mon, you know you can do it.
  • Drink a crisp, refreshing glass of kombucha; it's the perfect way to offset tummy troubles from overly rich foods & sweets. Kombucha contains healthy probiotics and is high in acetic, gluconic, and lactic acids that support digestion.
  • Be selective about sweets. Choose the dessert that stands out and engages your senses. If you're a chocoholic, choose the most indulgent (or most creative) item on the table, serve yourself a small portion and savor the experience. If you are overwhelmed by all of the deliciousness, pick your top three and create a mini-sampler plate consisting of a bite or two of each. The key is to truly appreciate the flavors in moderation rather than overindulging in sugar.


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