Researched, credible information written by our holistic registered dietitian nutritionist.

(Hemp) Hummus, Anyone?

Here's a quick and tasty hummus recipe using Wilderness Poets hemp nut butter (aka hempspread). Up the quantities of lemon juice and olive oil an...

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The little things add up. Maybe you've seen this label on one of the packages you've received from us? We're doing our best to reuse the ca...

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The Non-GMO Project

We're excited to be a supporting member of the Non-GMO Project.  The Non-GMO Project is an initiative of the North American organic and natural ...

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Food Fight

Food Fight is another great documentary that calls attention to how industrial agriculture has compromised our food supply. It includes some in...

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Cacao Products Demystified

Many people consider eating chocolate a “guilty pleasure.” But the reputation of chocolate as a junk food should more accurately be attributed...

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Welcome to our new store!

Our new store has been in the works for almost a year and there are too many change to list here, but we'd like to tell you about a few that you'...

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