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Klean Kanteens: Resuable & Eco-Friendly Bottles

Klean Kanteen began with a 27oz reusable bottle free from BPA, and a desire to bring people a better option than plastic and lined aluminum bottles. Klean Kanteen's mission to provide superior solutions to single-use plastics continues today.

We are proud to offer Klean Kanteen's line of products to health and environmentally conscious people looking for sustainable and healthy choices.

In fact, we use Klean Kanteen products daily at work and at home personally. We offer the full line of Klean Kanteens at competitive pricing! Try a Classic stainless steel water bottle, an insulated bottle to keep hot liquids hot and cold liquids cold, or an insulated food flask! Klean Kanteen stainless steel pint cups are a great replacement for throw away, single-use plastics, as well.

Your body is made up mostly of water. It's pretty obvious that it is an essential element to your body's well being. Besides your body, there are many other ways of carrying water. Klean Kanteen products offers a wide variety of amazing products that can be a vessel that is almost as good as your body. You don't want to carry around disposable containers when they will only add to the trash issue that we have in this country in the present day. If you want to be part of the solution, it is better to use one of the Klean Kanteen products to carry around your water so as to not add to the problem. You can reuse these items and feel good about your decision in doing so.

Many of Klean Kanteen products are made from some of the most durable and reliable materials known to you mortals. These products will blow your mind from how durable they are. Some say that the materials used for the Klean Kanteen products were hand crafted by Chuck Norris himself. Others say that Jesus used the Klean Kanteen products when he was crossing the dessert. Do you really want any more reasons to use the Klean Kanteen products? You don't need anymore.

The point is that you don't want your water to spill from an unreliable vessel. You also don't want it to easily break or burst. Especially not if you're in the desert. Besides, the Klean Kanteen products are made by people who are super health conscious. Not sure how that makes a better product, but it somehow adds to the trust for the manufacturer. These people are not only after your money, they want to help the ecosystem. A noble endeavor for any mortal, indeed.

Your water vessel will be more reliable than Wonder Woman's sword that was forged by the gods. Keep your water pure as well as your soul by purchasing one of the Klean Kanteen products. Not only will these products keep your water safe, they will also give you super powers that rival those of the water boy that Adam Sandler played.

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