Sleep, Mood, and Stress

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Sleep, Mood & Stress Support Supplements

Sleep can affect our day to day functioning, physical health, and mental health in more ways than you could imagine. If you have woken up groggy, almost fallen asleep at your desk or in an afternoon meeting, or laid awake at night hoping to fall asleep, then you know how important this vital bodily function is to your well-being.

Sleeping does more for us than just allow our bodies to rest. Sleep occurs in a cycle that repeats itself throughout the night, and when we are getting our deepest and most restorative sleep (in Stages 3 and 4 of this sleep cycle), blood supply to our muscles increases, tissue growth and repair occurs, and hormones are released. REM cycle sleep provides energy to the brain and supports your daytime performance. 

A biological "clock", known as circadian rhythms, influence sleep-wake cycles, hormone releases, body temperatures, and sometimes can be linked to sleep disorders such as insomnia. When there is less light out, this master "clock" will control the production of melatonin, the hormone that makes you sleepy. Working nights,  experiencing jet lag, or trying to sleep after lots of exposure to bright (and artificial) light can all effect this natural sleep rhythm. 

There are several all natural supplements for sleep as well as supplements for mood and stress. The supplements can be taken daily and come in all different forms to be conducive for all clients. Coming in herbs, oil drops, sprays, pills, and more, supplements for sleep, mood, and stress can help you get more and higher quality of sleep leaving you feeling rested and healthier. Mood and stress supplements help stabilize your moods making them fluctuate less and giving you a better outlook on life, while the stress supplements help both your mind and body relax so you can find total rest. All of these supplements help the mind and body relax to make a better you.

Supplements for sleep come in all shapes and forms that work in different capacities but provide users with quality sleep so they wake up finally feeling rested and rejuvenated. There is a sleep spray that is laced with lavender, an essential oil proven to help the body relax and feel drowsy, and Melatonin, a chemical naturally found in the body that is responsible for making you sleepy. You use the spray on your pillows and/or blankets in the evening and it helps you find a natural, organic way to fall asleep. Other supplements for sleep include sleep masks that have lavender in it. The smell of the lavender helps the body unwind, while the sleep mask blocks out any light which helps your brain shut down and go to sleep.

Other supplements for sleep that come in tablets and work fast to spread to your brain and tell it that it is time to go to sleep. These supplements for sleep come in different types like pure Melatonin or Boiron quietude. They are non habit forming, and naturally found in your body. You may not be sleeping because you have a deficiency in one of these chemicals in your body. By taking these supplements you are bringing it back into balance in your body and getting a natural, deep sleep. Supplements for sleep make it possible to get your rest back and wake up feeling energized for the day.

There are also supplements on the market that help regulate your mood and stress levels. Mood and stress can keep you from living life to the fullest and cause your body to become physically ill as well. Supplements that help regulate your mood and stress includes herbal combinations whose botanicals have been used for hundreds of years to reduce stress and anxiety and support healthy cortisol levels. There is also raw turmeric-hemp stalk extracts that are an organic and highly potent spice that supports a healthy whole body nervous system response, and even helps relax the muscles and relieve bodily pains. This highly potent extract is a great supplement to use to boost and regulate your mood and stress levels.

Using natural supplements to help regulate your sleep, mood and stress levels, you will find yourself on a path to better overall health.

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