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  • Dragon Herbs Ginseng Sublime is a blend of ALL of the most extraordinary varieties of ginseng, both wild and cultivated, red and white, from Asia and North America.
  • Only premium grade roots have been used to produce this sublimely potent product. 2 fl oz (60mL).


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Dragon Herbs Ginseng Sublime, 2 fl oz

Ginseng Sublime is Dragon Herbs most popular Ginseng product. This is the kind of Ginseng spoken of by the great tonic herbalists throughout the history of Chinese herbalism. It is truly sublime.

Ginseng Sublime is distinguished by the quality of the Ginseng roots used to make it. This highly concentrated tincture is made from the finest red Ginseng roots in the world. It contains Heaven Grade North and South Korean Ginseng, certified by the respective agencies that control Ginseng in those countries. Ginseng Sublime also contains Heaven Grade Shu Chu Ginseng from China. Shu Chu Ginseng is the finest Ginseng cultivated in China. Heaven Grade means its is the crème de la crème of this Ginseng.

Also used to produce Ginseng Sublime is Emperor's Tribute Red Ginseng, Heaven Grade of course, grown in the former Emperor of China's own Ginseng plantation. Recent studies have shown this to be the most potent cultivated Ginseng in the world. Ginseng Sublime also contains Red and White Ginseng roots, 8 years old or older, grown on Dragon Herbs own Ginseng plantation inChiangbai Mountain, just a few kilometers from Shu Chu Valley, the growing site of Shu Chu Ginseng. This House Ginseng is organically grown and processed naturally by an ancient technique by local villagers.

In addition, Ginseng Sublime contains premium grade cultivated American Ginseng roots grown in the Catskill Mountains of New York State. To top it off, we add Siberian Ginseng roots and Himalayan Ginseng roots from Tibet (Panax Notoginseng) to complete the "ginsenoside" profile of this extraordinary Ginseng product.

 Dragon Herbs adds a number of wild Chinese and American Ginseng roots as well, making Ginseng Sublime the most complete Ginseng extract in the world. Ginsing Sublime is quite similar to 500 Ginsengs, another full-spectrum Ginseng extract produced by Dragon Herbs. However, it is not as Yang and has a different proportion of Ginseng varieties. In particular, it contains more Chiangbai Mountain Red Ginseng and less North Korean Heaven Grade Ginseng, accounting for the difference in price.


Panax Ginseng (Chinese and Korean Ginseng) is one of the most famous and valued herbs used by mankind, Panax Ginseng is an energy tonic that regulates the human energy system. It has been shown to be stimulating and regulatory to both the central nervous system and to the endocrine system. It is the primary Qi tonic of Chinese tonic herbalism. 

Panax Ginseng helps a person to adapt to all kinds of stress, and enhances endurance and resilience under stressful conditions. It has thus been termed an "adaptogenic" substance by scientific researchers. Panax Ginseng is also used to tonify digestive and respiratory functions. Panax Ginseng contains many active ingredients, but the most important are the saponins called ginsenosides. Ginsenosides specifically improve adaptability and are believed to help build muscle and endurance. Therefore Panax Ginseng is very popular with athletes. Panax Ginseng generally has a "warm" energy.

Most high quality ginseng is good for men and women alike. The higher the quality, the more Shen (Spirit) a ginseng root is said to contain. Wild and semi wild Ginseng, such as that contained in Ginseng Sublime, is generally far superior to the cultivated, commercial varieties. However, there are a number of varieties of superb cultivated ginseng as well, the rival the potency and effectiveness of wild Ginseng. The best of these are from Chiangbai Mountain, in Manchuria, and from North Korea. South Koreaalso produces superb ginseng. The best cultivated Ginseng is known as “heaven grade.” Most commercial Ginseng is grown with chemicals. Beware of cheap Ginseng products, because they are often made from immature roots that have imbalanced chemistry. These cheaper Ginseng products account for Ginseng’s unfortunate reputation for increasing tension or for causing headaches, or even high blood pressure. Mature, high quality Ginseng will not have any side effects.

Dragon Herbs House Ginseng (Red and White Panax Ginseng): Dragon Herbs has been a contract grower of Panax Ginseng inChiangbai Mountain for the last decade. The Ginseng plantation that grows Dragon Herbs House Ginseng is just one valley south  of the famous Shu Chu Valley (about fifteen miles as the eagle flies) and at the same altitude. This is the best Ginseng-growing area in the world. Dragon Herbs produces both white and red Ginseng. In fact, white and red Ginseng are grown exactly the same and harvested at the same time. The difference lies in the final "processing." White Ginseng is peeled and sun-dried. Red Ginseng is steamed in a local village over a cauldron of boiling Jujube Date tea. Red Dates have long been used in the process of steaming red Ginseng because it is believed that Jujube Dates enhance the activity of the Ginseng. Red Ginseng contains more ginsenosides, the main active constituents of Ginseng, than White Ginseng. The additional ginsenosides are created during the steaming process, and these ginsenosides make the Ginseng more potent and more effective as an adaptogenic and protective tonic herb. White Ginseng, on the other hand, tends to have a more immediate energizing action on those who consume it. Dragon Herbs uses both Red and White Ginseng to make Ginseng Sublime. This excellent, 100% chemical-free Ginseng is the dominant Ginseng in Ginseng Sublime.

Shu Chu Ginseng (Red Panax Ginseng): Shu Chu Valley of Chiangbai Mountain, just north of North Korea, is the most famous Ginseng growing area in the world. The Ginseng that grows there is considered to be close to perfect. Wild Ginseng can still be found in the mountain forests at in this high altitude valley, but it is the cultivated variety that is world famous for its excellent balance, taste and potent effects. Shu Chu Ginseng has long been considered the highest grade of cultivated Ginseng that Chinahas to offer (though Emperor Preserve Ginseng, which grows in an adjacent valley about 50 miles away, is now considered equivalent). Shu Chu Ginseng is prized for its profound Qi-strengthening qualities. It is a superb adaptogenic. It is also the Ginseng of choice when one wishes to enhance mental and creative energy. "Shu Chu 15" is the best Ginseng grown from seed in China. These roots are grown from extremely potent wild stock seed in semi-wild Ginseng gardens in the famed and remote Shu Chu Valley. Shu Chu roots are a mild variety of red Ginseng. They are steamed and dried, and as a result of this process, they are rich in potent red Ginseng ginsenosides, including Rg3 and Rb1, among others.

South Korean Heaven Grade Ginseng (Red Panax Ginseng): Extremely highly regarded, South Korean Ginseng that is certified by the Ministry of Health is of extremely high quality. These naturally processed red roots are rich in ginsenosides, some of which are not found in wild Ginseng roots. These ginsenosides arise during the process of steaming used to make the white Ginseng into red Ginseng. Some of these special ginsenosides have recently been found to have profound immune modulating activity. 

North Korean Heaven Grade Ginseng (Red Panax Ginseng): For centuries, North Korean red Ginseng has been considered the best in the world. Though the Chinese and South Koreans challenge this, the fact is that no better red Ginseng exists on the planet. North Korean Red Ginseng is yang and very warm in nature. It is thus very invigorating and empowering. Heaven grade is the highest grade of Ginseng available, so North Korean Heaven Grade Red Ginseng, certified by the government, is as good as it gets in terms of cultivated Ginseng. However, it is too hot and too yang for some people, and that is why it is best to blend it with yin herbs such as American Ginseng, as we have in Ginseng Sublime. This is a mighty Ginseng - used by martial artists and athletes for centuries.

Emperor Preserved Ginseng (Red Panax Ginseng): This Ginseng acquired its name when the Emperor Kangxi of the Qing (Ching) Dynasty issued an imperial edict that all the Ginseng grown in Jingyu County (West slope of Chiangbai Mountain, Manchuria) be reserved exclusively for the use of the imperial family. It was thus grown exclusively for the Emperor of China and his family. The Emperor Preserved Ginseng is still collected from the same mountain plantations, and is processed using the most sophisticated technology. Tests by the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture proved its quality to meet or exceed that of any other Red Ginseng in the world. In 1992, when it was introduced to the world after more than 50 years, it won the gold medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions. This Ginseng is extremely rich in ginsenosides and immune modulating polysaccharides. It is believed to be especially beneficial for improving blood sugar regulation, easing fatigue, stimulating circulation in the veins and arteries and for nourishing the skin. Because the supply is very limited, this Ginseng is rarely found in America except in Dragon Herbs products (we have to go toChina directly to get it, and must carry it back to the U.S.A. in small quantities).

American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolium): In China Panax quinquefolium ("American" Ginseng) is highly regarded for its ability to promote the secretion of body fluids. It is considered to be especially strengthening to pregnant women and beneficial to new mothers. In China, American Ginseng is regarded as a true panacea. American Ginseng is useful for people who are hot but wish to take Ginseng. In other words, people who tend to have lots of energy, high metabolisms, are aggressive, tend toward higher blood pressure, have ruddy complexions, etc. can take American Ginseng without overheating. In fact, taking the American Ginseng will help to balance out the system and can correct overheating problems, especially when the excess heat is in the lungs and stomach. American Ginseng is often used in China to tonify the lungs of people who have dry coughs due to smog, smoking or from other causes. It is said to moisten and cool the lungs. Since it is a cooling herb which replenishes fluids, it counterbalances the more yang Ginseng roots in this formulation. Ginseng Sublime is a very well balanced product suitable to almost anyone. American Ginseng is very effective at aiding the body in regulating blood sugar.

Eleuthero Ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus): Eleuthero, popularly (but not legally) known as Siberian Ginseng, grows wild in Siberia and northeast China. It is a relative of Panax Ginseng, and high quality Siberian Ginseng is an adaptogen of unsurpassed power. Though it is not considered to be a Shen tonic, like wild Panax Ginseng, it is a fabulous energy and blood tonic. It enhances oxygenation of the blood and thus increases endurance and general health. It is a major mental energy tonic. It is sometimes called Eleuthero Ginseng. It is a major athlete's herb.

Himalayan Ginseng (Panax Notoginseng): Notoginseng grows at high altitudes in the Himalayas and is known in Asia as the "herb for the preservation of life." Traditionally, in Asia, wild Panax Notoginseng was literally worth its weight in gold. It is a major blood tonic and blood vitalizing agent. It thus improves circulation and is believed in Asia to be especially beneficial to the heart and cardiovascular system. Notoginseng is rich in saponins that are very similar to those found in Panax Ginseng and in American Ginseng. Blended with the other varieties of Ginseng, Notoginseng contributes blood nourishing (yin) benefits and anti-aging effects that makes Ginseng Sublime much more than a mere Ginseng extract, but into a profound, multifaceted formulation made from the major varieties of Ginseng found throughout the world.

Ginseng Sublime is a super-premium, full spectrum, hydro-ethanolic extract (tincture) of a number of different varieties of Ginseng.Ginseng Sublime is for people who want to experience the power of the finest cultivated and wild Ginseng in the world, expertly blended and extracted as a single product. It is made from a variety of wild, semi-wild and premium-grade (Heaven Grade only) cultivated Chinese and Korean Ginseng roots, top grade American roots, as well as related roots from Tibet, Bhutan and Siberia.

Traditional Function: Tonifies Qi and Shen

Who can use it? Any adult seeking increased energy, alertness and adaptability

Concentration: 8:1

Specifications: 2 Fl. Oz.

 Ingredients: Chinese Jilin Red Ginseng root, Chinese Semi-wild "Spirit" Ginseng root, N. Korean Heaven Grade 15 Ginseng root, "First Pick" Shiu Chu Ginseng 15 root, Eleuthero root, S. Korean Heaven Grade Ginseng root, "Emperor's Preserve Ginseng root," Wild American Ginseng root, Prince (pseudostellaria) Ginseng root tuber, Tienchi Ginseng root,  Red Jujube fruit

Other Ingredients: Water and alcohol 

Usage: 3-12 droppers per day or as directed by your health care practitioner

Remember Ron Teeguarden’s “First Rule of Tonic Herbalism,” summed up in a single word –Compliance. "If you don’t take the herbs, they won’t work.”

About Dragon Herbs, the company

Dragon Herbs was founded by Ron Teeguarden, a professional practitioner and teacher of holistic Asian health. Ron is recognized as the premier spokesperson for Chinese tonic herbalism in America, after spending decades teaching the concept of promoting health through Chinese Tonic Herbs.

For thousands of years, Asian herbalism has been used as a way to naturally maintain health. These tonic herbs safely promote ones health and healthy aging, and support “radiant health”, including increased longevity, emotional balance, resistance to disease, superb vitality, and maintenance of youthfulness. 

To be considered a Superior Tonic herb, that herb must have been found to meet specific qualifications over many centuries of human use, including: 

  • Possess anti-aging and longevity characteristics
  • Profound health-promoting actions
  • Balance emotional and psychic energy to improve emotional and spiritual wellbeing and happiness
  • No negative side effects when taken continuously 
  • Be easily digestible and assimilated, and taste good enough to be easily consumed
  • Must contain at least one of the “three treasures”


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Chinese Jilin Red Ginseng root, Chinese Semi-wild "Spirit" Ginseng root, N. Korean Heaven Grade 15 Ginseng root, "First Pick" Shiu Chu Ginseng 15 root, Eleuthero root, S. Korean Heaven Grade Ginseng root, "Emperor's Preserve Ginseng root," Wild American G
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water and alcohol
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