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  • Dragon Herb’s Tonic Alchemy powder is a potent superfood and greens blend that provides superior nutrition.
  • This blend contains 91 superfoods from every continent in the world and a variety of climates including oceans, desserts and jungles.
  • Tonic Alchemy is dense with phytonutrients that support optimal health, longevity and cellular function.

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Dragon Herb’s Tonic Alchemy powder, is made with organic ingredients and is free of added sweeteners. It is also vegan and preservative-free. This herbal blend can be added to smoothies to create the perfect nutrition-packed superfood drink. Tonic Alchemy comes in a 9.5 ounce tub and contains about 30 servings.

Why is Tonic Alchemy so superior?

Dragon Herb’s Tonic Alchemy contains a wealth of tonic herbs, such as medicinal mushrooms and goji berries, and probiotically predigested tonic herbs & superfoods, such as agave, spirulina and red Korean ginseng. It also contains sea vegetables, such as nori, wake and kombu, super fruits, such as schizandra, camu camu and maqui berry, organic garden vegetables, such as tomato, carrot and kale, and sprouts from plants, such as alfalfa, broccoli and chia seed.

About Dragon Herbs

Dragon Herbs was co-founded by Master Tonic Herbalist, Ron Teeguarden. Ron Teeguarden is a pioneer of the herbal, holistic approach to healthcare in America. With his extensive training, Ron was able to share the knowledge of the use of Chinese tonic herbs in America. Ron Teegguarden has learned the best places to source herbs from, as well as the ideal conditions that these herbs need to thrive. Dragon Herbs huge variety of potent Chinese herb and botanical products support the journey toward “radiant health,” or the state of being in perfect health.

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9.5 oz. (270g)
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1 scoop (9g)
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Dragon Herbs
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