Adreno-Lift: Powerful Adrenal Support

  • Promotes healthy adrenal function and hormone balance for optimal energy and stable energy production.
  • Provides nutrients utilized by the adrenal glands to support a healthy response to stressful events.
  • Features Ginseng, Ashwagandha, L-Tyrosine, DMG, and B-Vitamins for restorative energy support.
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The adrenal glands regulate the production of many hormones, including adrenaline, cortisol, DHEA, progesterone, and testosterone. The proper balance of these hormones is essential to keeping the body functioning effectively.

The adrenal glands are also the body’s first line of defense for managing stress. Physical exertion, like overtraining, and mental exertion, like nerves, general stress, and other external stressors can cause adrenal function to become impaired. This causes the balance of adrenal hormones to shift and excess cortisol begins to be released into the body’s system. Over time, this is taxing on the adrenals and it leads to symptoms that are known as adrenal fatigue.

Using Adreno-Lift to support adrenal health and optimize adrenal function offers a multitude of benefits.

STRESS | Targeted ingredients help regulate and balance stress hormones, such as cortisol, which are crucial for managing the body’s response to stress.

MENTAL WELL-BEING | By promoting a healthy stress response, Adreno-Lift aids in maintaining a calm state, supporting a stable mood, and increasing overall mental well-being.

ENERGY LEVELS | The adrenal glands play a significant role in energy production. People with adrenal fatigue often experience a “wired and tired” feeling. Feeling wired is due to an excessive release of stress hormones and feeling tired is when there isn’t adequate cortisol so exhaustion sets in.

Adrenal-supporting ingredients in Adreno-Lift promote more balanced hormones which help optimize energy levels and combat fatigue.

SLEEP | Optimizing adrenal function promotes better sleep quality, allowing for improved rest and rejuvenation. In addition, resting is one of the best ways to help the adrenal glands heal.

IMMUNITY | Prolonged stress can weaken the immune system, making the body more susceptible to infections and illnesses. Taking adrenal-supporting ingredients helps the body respond to stress more effectively and recover from stress more quickly, and is therefore less taxing on overall immunity.

Overall, incorporating a supplement to support adrenal health offers a comprehensive approach to managing stress, enhancing energy levels, and fostering overall well-being.

Take 2-4 capsules with breakfast and lunch or as directed by your healthcare professional. The adrenal glands are most active in the morning, so it is recommended to take your first dose with your first meal. 120 capsules


These three vitamins support healthy adrenal function and hormone balance.
This B Vitamin supports healthy carbohydrate metabolism, which is essential for stable energy production.
The minerals Zinc and Copper support healthy antioxidant function and directly support a healthy adrenal response to metabolic changes.
This mineral supports healthy carbohydrate metabolism by promoting a healthy, stable blood sugar pattern.
The herbal extracts Siberian Ginseng, Rhodiola, Rosea, and Ashwagandha Root support the body’s ability to manage imbalances and support efficient metabolic adjustments.
This amino acid promotes balanced adrenal hormone levels.
Whole adrenal and adrenal cortex powder supply specific proteins that support healthy adrenal function.
Citrus Bioflavonoids support healthy antioxidant defenses and the cell’s ability to utilize vitamin C.

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