Ron Teeguarden's Spring Dragon Longevity Tea, 20 ct

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  • Dragon Herbs Spring Dragon Longevity Tea is a delicious herbal tea composed of the most well-known tonic herbs in the Orient, all of which are renowned for promoting a long and healthy life. 
  • The main herb is Gynostemma, a green leafy herb that is consumed throughout Asia to promote overall health.
  • Gynostemma has a strong anti-fatigue effect.  20 teabags per box.  Each teabag makes 3 cups, for a total of 60 servings.  


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Ron Teeguarden's Spring Dragon Longevity Tea

In Asia, Gynostemma is known as a “magical grass.” It is reported to have a wide range of health-promoting benefits.

  • Invigorating without being a stimulant that causes hyperactivity.
  • Calming in promoting a sense of peace without sedative effects.
  • Promotes healthy aging with antioxidant effects.
  • Supports a healthy inflammatory response.
  • Supports healthy immune function.
  • Promotes healthy respiratory function.
  • Provides soothing support for healthy digestion. 
  • Supports healthy liver detoxification and cardiovascular function.
  • Japanese studies have indicated that Gynostemma has a double-direction, regulating, adaptogenic influence on the central nervous system. 

Gynostemma has been shown to support a double-direction activity with regard to weight management.  It can be support the metabolism of fat when combined with a reasonable exercise program and a healthy diet that modulates caloric intake.  It can  also support weight gain in excessively thin people.   

Gynostemma promotes the body’s metabolism and helps balance blood sugar and blood fat levels. Healthy blood sugar and blood fat are critical to healthy metabolic function, whether to reduce excess fat, gain weight by building lean muscle, or maintain healthy weight by helping regulate bodily functions.

Although Gynostemma is not laxative, it may help maintain healthy bowel movements.  It also supports the stomach and intestines by supporting the removal of toxins, toxic microbes and waste that otherwise may become lodged in the intestines, and promotes a healthy stomach lining.

Gynostemma is a potent antioxidant that protects cell membranes from oxidative injury which can result in free radical damage.

The main active ingredients in Gynostemma are known as saponins  called gypenosides. There are over 100 gypenosides in Gynostemma.  These gypenosides are responsible for liver support and adaptogenic qualities of this tonic herb.

The Story of Spring Dragon Longevity Tea

In 1972, a group of Japanese researchers reported that Gynostemma tea was being consumed as a daily “longevity tea” by large numbers of southern Chinese people. It was revered in the regions where it grew as “magical grass” because of its many reputed health benefits. Subsequently, studies conducted first in Japan revealed that Gynostemma was extremely rich in saponins that were extremely close to those found in ginseng and Siberian ginseng. As it turned out, Gynostemma is even richer in these saponins than ginseng. Gynostemma tea had generally been made from wild mountain Gynostemma pentaphyllum plants, but as Gynostemma reputation as a longevity herb grew, farmers learned to cultivate it. Within a decade, Gynostemma was being consumed by millions of Asians as a tonic tea.

in 1992, Ron Teeguarden was traveling to China to oversea a production run of tonic herbal formulations. Because of a ticketing mistake, he was upgraded to first class. By coincidence, he was seated on the long flight from San Francisco to Beijing next to Professor Xiao Peigun. Also, by “coincidence,” Ron had an photocopied article written by Professor Xiao in his travel bag. The article was entitled “Anti-Aging Chinese Herbs.” Xiao Peigun, as it turned out, was Director of the Institute of Medicinal Plant Development in Beijing, a major research institute belonging to the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. He was also head of the World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Center for Traditional Medicine, Commissioner of the Committee on Pharmacopeia for the People’s Republic of China and a Commissioner of New Drug Evaluation for the PRC. In other words, he was one of the most powerful and knowledgeable herbal experts in the world. Because Ron had his article on the plane, Professor Xiao took Ron under his wing. When Ron met with Professor Xiao at the institute, he asked Professor Xiao if he knew of any special tonic herbs with significant anti-aging qualities. Professor Xiao responded instantly that Gynostemma was exactly what I was looking for. Professor Xiao introduced Ron to the supplier of the highest quality Gynostemma in China and Ron was ready to develop a product.

Gynostemma is traditionally consumed as a tea, just like green tea. It is delicious as well. At the same time, Ron had come across a special, traditional Chinese method of brewing “longevity teas” by supersaturating extracted herbs into tea leaves. Ron decided to use this ancient technology to supersaturate Gynostemma leaves with a number of other tonic herbs that had traditional reputations as longevity herbs. With the help of Yanlin, he found a tea master who knew the secret of preparing the “longevity teas.” After experimenting for several months at Yanlin’s parents home in China, the final tea was determined and thus was born Spring Dragon Longevity Tea.

In Addition to Gynostemma

Schizandra – Called the “quintessence of Chinese herbs,” Schizandra is a delicious, exotic tonic fruit that is traditionally used to tonify all the systems of the body, clean the liver, open the lungs, nourish and moisturize the skin, and sharpen the mind. It is a potent antioxidant.

Goji Berries – Known in Asia as a premier “longevity and anti-aging herb,” this delicious tonic fruit is a true superfood, rich in antioxidants. It is famous for enhancing strength, vision and beauty. Goji is rich in immune-potentiating polysaccharides.

Astragalus – One of the most important herbs in all of herbalism, Astragalus is highly regarded for its immune-regulating, immune-potentiating effects. It is also a potent energy tonic and blood tonic.

Eleuthero – Also known as “Siberian Ginseng,” Eleuthero is famous for its ability to enhance physical and mental endurance, to help us handle stress more efficiently and as a gentle mood elevator. Eleuthero, like ginseng and Gynostemma, is rich in saponins. It is the ultimate adaptogenic herb.

Luo Han Guo – This delicious, exotic fruit has been used for centuries as a lung tonic. It contains mogroside, a potent immune-potentiating glucoside.

Traditional Function: Adaptogenic, antiaging, immune regulating, anti-inflammatory, blood sugar regulating, fat reducing, tonifying to the Lungs, Heart, Spleen/Pancreas, Liver and Kidney, and detoxifying

Who can use it? Anyone

Concentration: Whole cut Gynostemma tea; concentrated herbal extract (8:1)

Specifications: 20 teabags per box

Precautions: If you are under a doctor’s supervision for cardiovascular disease, check with your physician prior to using this or any herbal product.  

Usage: Drink 1 – 3 tea bags a day, making from 1 to 10 cups of tea

The Healthiest Tea on Earth

About Dragon Herbs, the company

Dragon Herbs was founded by Ron Teeguarden, a professional practitioner and teacher of holistic Asian health. Ron is recognized as the premier spokesperson for Chinese tonic herbalism in America, after spending decades teaching the concept of promoting health through Chinese Tonic Herbs.

For thousands of years, Asian herbalism has been used as a way to naturally maintain health. These tonic herbs safely promote ones health and healthy aging, and support “radiant health”, including increased longevity, emotional balance, resistance to disease, superb vitality, and maintenance of youthfulness. 

To be considered a Superior Tonic herb, that herb must have been found to meet specific qualifications over many centuries of human use, including: 

  • Possess anti-aging and longevity characteristics
  • Profound health-promoting actions
  • Balance emotional and psychic energy to improve emotional and spiritual wellbeing and happiness
  • No negative side effects when taken continuously 
  • Be easily digestible and assimilated, and taste good enough to be easily consumed
  • Must contain at least one of the “three treasures”


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Gynostemma leaves infused with extracts of luo han guo, schizandra, lycium, astragalus, and eleuthero
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20 Tea bags (60 cups)
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1 tea bag
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Use Ice Pack
Dragon Herbs
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