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Vitality for Her promotes healthy libido, performance and satisfaction.  This is a potent blend of amino acids, herbs and herbal extracts that support the vital components essential for healthy sexual activity. 

Vitality for Her promotes the healthy balance of hormonal interactions and actively supports the pleasure centers in the body and brain.  It also contributes to many aspects of performance, from healthy blood flow to cardiovascular function and endurance. 

- Maintains a healthy libido and sexual function
- Supports balanced hormone production
- Promotes activation of the pleasure centers in the brain

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Vitality for Her is designed to promote healthy performance in the bedroom with a potent blend of amino acids and herbs. This combination supports a lasting libido and overall satisfaction for women looking to improve quality of life the natural way. Vitality for Her supports the physiology of arousal, performance and capability. 

Vitality for Her supports and maintains the vital components of sexual activity that promote healthy sexual activity and fulfilment. Key ingredients promote blood flow, healthy hormonal balance and brain function to support healthy desire and function.  It aids in promoting activation of the pleasure centers in the brain while promoting healthy energy production and cardiovascular function.

Maca Root Extract is a potent adaptagen that promotes a healthy libido and sexual function by supporting a healthy hormonal adaptation to every day stress levels.

L-Carnitine supports healthy energy production and fat metabolism.  It also promotes balanced hormone production and the activation of the hormone receptor sites.

Tribulus Terrestis maintains healthy pituitary function through the release of luteinizing hormone to promote hormonal balance, natural libido and sexual desire.

Mucuna Pruriens Seed Extract naturally contains L-dopa, the precursor to dopamine. Dopamine is a brain chemical that plays a major role in motivation, pleasure, energy and emotional satisfaction.

Chasteberry Extract supports the production of progesterone to promote a healthy balance between progesterone and estrogen.  

L-Arginine promotes the synthesis of nitric oxide. This allows more blood to flow through arteries to support genital blood flow for a healthy sexual response, as well as healthy cardiovascular function and detoxification. 

Dong Quai Root Extract has a unique ability to promote balanced estrogen levels for a healthy libido.

Peuraria Mirifica supports healthy moderation of the different forms of estrogen to promote a healthy sex drive, breast health and ovarian function.

Red Clover Blossom Extract contains phytoestrogens which are compounds that aid in balancing healthy levels of estrogen.

N,N Dimethylglycine supports energy and endurance for healthy sexual arousal, concentration and performance.

Black Cohosh Root Extract contains isoflavones, which work to maintain normal estrogen activity and promote a healthy hormone balance.

Diindolmethane (DIM) promotes healthy detoxification of environmental estrogens and favorably promotes normal estrogen balance and metabolism.  Environmental estrogens are profound hormone disruptors and can lead to major imbalances in estrogen levels and metabolism. 


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