5 Reasons to Love Coconut Oil

1. MCTs for Energy

Coconut oil is an excellent source of plant-based medium-chain triglycerides, which provide long-lasting energy and may positively effect metabolism.

2. Lauric Acid for Immunity

This unique fatty acid comprises nearly 50% of coconut oil's total fatty acid composition, and is thought to display antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal activity.

3. Nutritive Cooking

Fresh, creamy and light, with just a hint of coconut flavor, this oil is a joy to cook with. It’s popular in the raw food world, and many dairy-free, vegan recipes sub it in place of butter for irresistibly-moist results.

4. Head to Toe Hydration

Use this lightweight tropical oil to soothe parched strands or rough spots on the skin and lips. To remove stubborn makeup, soften coconut oil between your fingers, massage the area and wipe clean with a cotton ball.

5. Life Span

Coconut oil is very slow to oxidize, thus resistant to going rancid. At room temperature (no refrigeration is required), it can last up to two years without spoiling.


Before the arrival of electric lighting, coconut oil lamps were the primary source of illumination in India.



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