7 Common Sense Fitness Trends for 2015

1. What's old is new again.

Sure, people have been exercising without fancy equipment for centuries, but these days it seems like people are using their own body weight for exercise more than ever. Don't believe us? Just check out the American College of Sports and Medicine's Worldwide Survey of Fitness for 2015It lists body weight training as the number one fitness trend to look for in the coming year. 

Don't laugh this approach to fitness off as being too simple. Just because something is equipment-free doesn't mean it's ineffective. Quite the opposite, actually. Squats, lunges, push-ups, planks ... these tried-and-true exercises are some of the most efficient, powerful ways to get in shape, get strong and make the most of your time. It certainly doesn't hurt that body weight training can be done almost anywhere (your basement, a playground, the beach!) and is practically free. 

So get in touch with your primal side, find a sturdy bar to hang from and get your pull-up on! 

2. Getting back to the great outdoors.

For years, we've been cooped up in gyms and studios like hamsters on a wheel, sweating it out with the masses (and also breathing the same air as the masses). But with the rise in popularity of extreme and adventure racing, it seems like outdoor fitness is bound for a resurgence. 

Organized military-style bootcamps, obstacle racing, even outdoor leisure like hiking, biking and rock climbing are making the combination of fresh air and fitness easier than ever to come by. These activities perfectly combine cardio, strength and endurance, so there's really no reason not to get outside for your daily dose of wellness in 2015. 

3. Digital is the future. 

We rely on technology to make almost every aspect of our lives easier, so why not use it to our advantage when it comes to fitness as well? 

When it comes to inspiration, look no further than Instagram and YouTube. Find a few accounts you love and make sure to check their feeds regularly. Whether it's a dose of "fitspiration" or a move of the day, embrace social media for the good it can bring to your wellness routine. 

You might also be surprised to learn that your favorite trainer or studio has online workouts you can stream when you just don't want to leave the house or you just can't squeeze a daily workout into your busy schedule. So let the workouts come to you! 

And finally, have you heard about that new Apple Watch that's set to come out in 2015? Trust us, this one is going to be a digital fitness game changer. 

4. There is strength in numbers.

Group workouts are nothing revolutionary in the fitness world, but organized dance parties that blend fitness, yoga, nightclubs and DJs sure are. Fitness doesn't have to be painful and unpleasant. Just because a workout out doesn't feel like a workout doesn't mean it's not working! 

5. Boutique fitness.

Over the past few years, boutique fitness studios have exploded in popularity. In 2015, their popularity will only continue to grow with the introduction of highly-specific studios. Underwater cycling? Check. Treadmill training? Check. Aerial yoga? Check. Indoor rowing? Check. If you can dream it, there's probably a class for it. 

6. Fashionable, functional workout gear is the new norm.

If Beyonce is doing it, that means it's about to explode in popularity, right? Say goodbye to your standard black leggings — you're about to start seeing a lot more color and style at the gym as athleisure takes center stage next year. Even better? Your gym clothes now acceptably double as everyday clothes, so no more feeling guilty about wearing your sneakers and sports bra around town whenever you feel like it. Activewear is about to be the new streetwear. 

7. Time is of the essence. 

No longer are you expected to work out for hours, sweating it out around the floor and jumping from machine to weight bench and back again. Why slave away at the gym all day when you can get a workout that's just as effective in 20 quick minutes? High intensity interval training has been around for a while now (just ask our fitness experts!), but I'm betting that 2015 will forever be known as "the year of HIIT." These "shortcut" workouts are as effective as they are short. What's not to love about that when you're on the go? 

So what am I missing here? What are you looking forward to in 2015? Share your thoughts in the comments and you may just see MBG cover your favorite new fitness trend in the coming months!

Article courtesy of MindBodyGreen.com, written by Allie White, posted 12/28/14 and found here: http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-16733/7-fitness-trends-to-look-out-for-in-2015.html

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