Best Stocking Stuffers for 2021

Your holiday shopping just got easier. Tested and approved by fellow shoppers, these are our top Stocking Stuffer picks this holiday season.

LivOn Labs Lypo-Spheric B Complex Plus

B vitamins are essential for the body’s energy systems and mood regulation. Liposomal encapsulation is a technology designed to increase the absorption of the B vitamins and deliver them to where they’re needed in the body.   

Fermented Cod Liver Oil

This is a convenient way to add highly-nutritious cod liver oil to your daily diet. It’s high in healthy fat, along with vitamins D and A. Support your brain, immune system all in one place.

Dragon Herbs Tonic Alchemy

91 amazing ingredients in one unique blend! Nourish your cells, tissues and organs with this wide array of superfoods, herbs, mushrooms and greens.

Healthy Goods Pro-Bifidus Probiotic

It contains 8 different strains of bifidus bacteria with 45 billion “gut-friendly” bacteria in one capsule. Microbiome health is massively important for well-being.

Body Ecology Vitality SuperGreen Powder

Support your digestive system with this antioxidant-rich, fermented drink. Feeding your gut what it needs will in turn support the health of your entire body.

Hyland’s Bioplasma Cell Salt

Upgrade your supplement pantry with this combination of all 12 cells salts. They’re great for first aid kits and traveling – be prepared for whatever health needs come your way.

Live Superfoods Peruvian Cacao Powder

This dark, robust chocolate is antioxidant-rich and can be added to a smoothie, homemade energy bars, keto snacks, and any chocolate dessert.

Uckele Cell Longevity

Keep your loved ones around a little longer by promoting the healthy biological function of every cell in the body to support cellular vitality, graceful aging, and vibrant health. This blend promotes healthy telomere length and mitochondrial function and maintains insulin and cortisol balance. 

Healthy Goods ImmunoZinc with Quercetin

It’s always great to be prepared when it comes to immune health. Keep this zinc + zinc ionophore product on hand when you need to support the body’s innate resistance to pathogens. 

Wishing you happy holidays and healthy gifting!

Brought to you by Kelly Harrington, in-house RDN at Healthy Goods

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