Carbon Neutral Shipping - From Grower to Your Doorstep!

We're big supporters of the locavore movement and go out of our way to patronize local farmers. But since our company specializes in products typically not available in the Pacific Northwest, not to mention this continent, we haven't been able to participate much.

At least, not until now.  We're excited and proud to announce that we've entered into a partnership with, resulting in the total elimination of our company's carbon footprint.  

By purchasing carbon offsets, we have offset all the emissions of the trains, ships, planes and trucks that deliver goods from our grower-partners to our facility in Bend Oregon, and the impact of all the UPS and USPS shipments from our facility to our customers throughout the United States, Canada and United Kingdom.  

From grower to your doorstep, carbon neutral.  How cool is that?!

We also invested in offsets to negate the electricity and natural gas used to operate our temperature-controlled warehouses, our organic packaging facility, and our offices.   And while we were at it, we offset our employees' commutes.

Now the products you buy from Live Superfoods actually have a smaller carbon footprint than the produce you buy from your local farmer!




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