Love This DIY Green Tea & Rose Water Toner

Freshen your face naturally with this invigorating green tea toner that features a few skin-care superstars.

1st, it makes so much sense to use organic green tea because it's a rich source of antioxidants and helps reduce redness and inflammation.

Next, the rose water soothes and hydrates, leaving skin soft and silky.

3rd, witch hazel is an astringent that helps to minimize pores and reduce puffiness.

Last, glycerin seals in moisture and forms a protective barrier on the skin. 

Green Tea & Rose Water Toner


½ teaspoon organic green tea (TIP: opt for loose-leaf tea or cut open a tea bag)

¼ cup witch hazel

½ cup rose water (TIP: purchase rose water, aka rose hydrosol, at a health food store or herbal dispensary)

½ teaspoon organic vegetable glycerin


ONE: To a small jar, add green tea and witch hazel and seal tightly. Allow to infuse for 2 weeks, shaking daily.

TWO: Arrange a funnel over a glass bottle or spritz bottle. Using a small strainer, strain witch hazel into funnel; discard tea leaves.

THREE:  To bottle, add rose water and glycerin.

FOUR: Seal and shake to combine. The toner can be stored for up to 1 month in your bathroom cabinet or in the fridge for up to 6 weeks.  

TIP: Apply toner using a cotton pad or reusable cloth, or spritz on face. Using after washing your face and before applying moisturizer.       

Recipe courtesy of Clean Eating.                                            

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