How To Teach A Cat New Tricks

Dogs get all the credit for learning cute, smart skills, but kitties are totally capable too, if you…



Training is a great way to bond with your pet, but too much, too fast might overwhelm her t work at her own speed. It’s a good idea to focus on one command at a time until she masters it. When you see even the slightest glimmer that your cat understands the behavior you are trying to teach, reward her enthusiastically. Keep sessions short and sweet, with only a few repetitions each time.


The basic things kitties already do can be reinforced and turned into tricks. At mealtime, call your cat’s name followed by the command “Come.” If she doesn’t comply at first, try tapping on her food bowl to get her attention. When she does mosey over, give her tons of praise plus the food. After a little bit of practice, your cat will begin to connect the command with the action (and with the food, of course).


Cats like to use their paws to explore their surroundings, so they will often offer a paw if you present your hand to them. Turn this paw power into an adorable high-five trick in a few easy steps. Say your cat’s name to get her attention, then extend your hand parallel to the floor, palm up, in front of her. Pause briefly, and if she touches your hand with her paw, immediately say, “Good high-five!” and reward her with a treat. Keep practicing, then eventually try moving your hand higher, perpendicular to the floor, with your palm facing your cat.

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