Improve Your Gut Health With Kefir

Think of kefir as a supercharged version of yogurt, offering a similar flavor and function but significantly enhanced with an increased variety and quantity of gut-friendly probiotics. These “friendly” bacteria can help with everything from enhancing absorption of nutrients from the food you eat and easing digestive problems to bolstering the immune system and preventing disease – and they act as an antibacterial (the good bacteria help fight and crowd out the bad). For those who are avoiding dairy, fear not: non-dairy varieties of kefir made with superfoods like coconut are available as well.

More Uses For Kefir

Aside from being a stand-alone beverage, kefir can also be added to various types of recipes such as smoothies and breakfast bowls. Try it as a substitute for cream in chilled soups, or blend kefir with fruit or make ice pops. Remember high heat can destroy probiotics, so always aim to use kefir in uncooked contexts.

Make Your Own

Superier to commercial kefir, homemade kefir is easy and fun to make using a starter culture, such as this one

Kelly Harrington, MS, RDN

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist for Healthy Goods

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