Introducing Ojio Ayurvedic Herbs - Fresh, Potent, Pure

Ojio offers a new collection of Ayurvedic herbs. Ayurvedic herbs are part of a practice of medicine that dates back thousands of years.
Each Ojio Ayurvedic herb is the single ingredient, with no fillers or carriers added. Only 100%, cold-water extracted, pure herbal preparations. The cold-water extraction process has been confirmed to us by Ojio to stay under the 118° threshold, making the Ojio Ayurvedic herbs all raw. 
The herbs are cultivated pesticide- and chemical-free. Each batch is multi-tested for chemical or pesticide residue before sale. 
The herbs all ship in a 2 oz glass jar with a BPA-free lid. The jar is packaged and sealed within a lovely box.

Ojio's Ayurvedic Herbs 

Amla Extract Powder - Used to promote longevity and for nourishment (amla berries have one of the highest levels of vitamin C in nature)
Ashwagandha Extract Powder - An adaptogenic used to strengthen the body 
Bacopa Monnieri Extract Powder - Used as a general tonic, and to enhance brain function and improve memory
Green Coffee Bean Extract Powder - Chlorogenic acid in green coffee bean extract is a known antioxidant that may stimulate the metabolism and regulate blood sugar (Green Coffee Bean Extract was recently featured on Dr Oz as an effective weight loss tool. Dr Oz recommends Green Coffee Bean extract standardized to 45% - 50%, and the Ojio GCBE is standardized to 50%)

Holy Basil Extract Powder - Used as an anti-stress agent to balance the nerves, mind, and emotion. 
Mucuna Pruriens Extract Powder - Used as an aphrodisiac and to induce lucid dreaming.
Mangosteen Extract Powder - Mangosteen is a tropical fruit with high levels of antioxidants, used for rejuvenation/ anti-aging
Tribulus Terrestris Extract Powder - Used to enhance both athletic and sexual vitality and vigor, and to regulate hormones
Turmeric Extract Powder - Used as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and immune booster. Turmeric is also a natural pain reliever.
Valerian Extract Powder - Used as a mild sedative, to help with insomnia, or to calm and sooth anxiety
Shilajit Extract Powder - Shilajit is "the rock of life". An organic mineral pitch with fulvic and humid acids that cleanses, detoxifies, strengthens, and is considered the cornerstone of Ayurvedic medicine practice. Shilajit when combined with other Ayurvedic herbs will boost the effects of both. 
And so there you have it. Eleven high quality, pure and potent Ayurvedic herbs from Ojio. To see them all, click the Ojio brand page here

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