An Introduction to Uckele Health & Nutrition

Healthy Goods is proud to welcome Uckele Health and Nutrition, a comprehensive line of supplements for you and your animals! 

For over 50 years, Uckele has been formulating and manufacturing superior dietary products for people, dogs and horses. “Optimal Health Worldwide” is more than just the focus of Uckele Health & Nutrition; it’s their passion. 

A Family Business

CEO Mike Uckele is a Certified Nutritionist with 20+ years of experience developing nutritional formulations and programs. Founded by his grandfather with integrity, service, dedication and excellence, Mike's expertise and innovation carry the Uckele family business forward.

Behind The Scenes at Uckele

Formulation Experts: Part Art, Part Science

Highly creative and knowledgeable chemists, industrial engineers, and masters in biochemistry and microbiology develop nutritional formulas from scratch using the latest developments in nutritional science and technology.

Uckele’s team of experts formulate comprehensive supplement lines from basic vitamins and minerals, to specialty supplements for digestion, joint and muscle support, immune health, physical training & performance, weight management, cardiovascular health, and more.  

Manufacturing Practices at Uckele

Four separate facilities manufacture health products for health-minded people. Uckele not only manufactures their own branded products, but also contract manufactures for a wide range of other companies. Uckele takes pride in their manufacturing practices; and it shows in the quality of their products and by officially maintaining Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Registration.

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