Top 10 Natural Foods for Runners

A republished summary of Top 10 Foods for Runners, written by Lauren Slayton...

Top Nutrition for Runners

Sports Nutritionist and marathon runner Lauren Slayton, MS, RD, compiled a list of the top ten foods for runners. Originally published in the NY Daily News, this compilation of dietary support for endurance exercise includes foods known to support digestive, bone and joint, immune, energy and cardiovascular health, especially as they relate to endurance exercise.

High in fiber, protein and are gluten-free,


is highlighted for its rich content of magnesium, which can relax blood vessels and increase blood flow and oxygen to muscles, helping them perform better. Another high-protein entry is


, a “slow” carb that contains amino acid lysine, which can help post-run muscle tissue repair. Carbs and protein figure in


’s place on the list, but the probiotics for immune and digestive support are the main benefit for runners, according to Slayton.

Anti-inflammatory foods such as


, ginger and fish are included for their help in recovery and protection from injury.


also gets a nod as relief from upset stomach and nausea, which can be problems after a run, while the omega-3s in


like sardines and tuna are heralded as pain relief and protein boosts.

Recovery is a main focus for runners, who might benefit in this regard from “nature’s rehydrant,”

coconut water

, which is high in electrolytes and can provide energy both before and after runs; it is also lower in sugar than most formulated energy drinks.


is another energy booster Slayton recommends, calling it a good alternative to caffeine, due to its ability to stimulate without the harsh gastrointestinal effects.


are also mentioned in the energy category, as they contain quick-release sugar in addition to iron, which is good for red blood cell health.

Pumpkin seeds

also offer a decent amount of iron, in addition to the mineral zinc, which can help with muscle development and regeneration,, as well as provide an immune boost.

Sticking with the plant world, Slayton suggests

dinosaur kale

for its decent vitamin C and calcium content, and its ability to deliver oxygen to the body. She also praises

chia seed

for a number of benefits, including energy enhancement, rich content of fiber, calcium, iron and zinc, as well as its ability to relieve joint pain.

Article summary courtesy of Natural Products Marketplace. Original article courtesy of NY Daily News.

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