Magnesium Malate

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  • Magnesium balances Calcium which is essential for a healthy heart and nervous system. 
  • Malic Acid aids in energy production and detoxification, especially heavy metals such as aluminum. 


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Take 1 capsule daily at bedtime or as directed by your healthcare professional. 120 capsules

No other mineral has as many important functions as Magnesium. Virtually every body function requires adequate levels. Magnesium is a cofactor in more than 300 enzyme systems that regulate diverse biochemical reactions in the body, including protein synthesis, muscle and nerve function, blood glucose control, and blood pressure regulation.

Magnesium Malate provides a highly concentrated source of Magnesium to support healthy sugar metabolism, muscle and heart function, and promote normal nervous system function.

- Magnesium promotes cardiovascular health by relaxing the smooth muscles within the blood vessels.
- Magnesium is also important for supporting bone health by its ability to metabolize minerals needed for   optimal bone health, playing an important role in maintaining bone mineralization.
- Magnesium is required for the synthesis of DNA, RNA, and the antioxidant glutathione.
- Magnesium also plays a role in the active transport of Calcium and Potassium ions across cell   membranes, a process that is important to nerve impulse conduction, muscle contraction, and normal   heart rhythm.

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