Glucose-Adapt: Blood Glucose & Insulin Balance

  • Supports healthy glucose metabolism.
  • Promotes healthy insulin function.
  • Supports heart and blood vessel health.
  • Supports a healthy body weight.
  • Great for post-workout optimization.
  • Contains 5 specific ingredients that play a significant role in healthy glucose metabolism and may reduce the rate of harmful advanced glycation end product (AGEs) formation.
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Achieving stable blood glucose levels is crucial for well-being, energy production, and cellular metabolism. Glucose-adapt is specifically designed to promote healthy glucose metabolism and a healthy cell response to insulin. Proper blood glucose management maintains the health of vital body tissues, including the heart, blood vessels, eyes, skin, connective tissue, and kidneys.

Take 3 capsules daily or as directed by your healthcare provider. 90 servings.



All three vitamins are involved in various metabolic pathways that help convert carbohydrates into energy and regulate blood sugar levels. Riboflavin aids in glucose metabolism and energy production, while niacin is crucial for glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity. Vitamin B6 supports glycogen breakdown and promotes healthy blood glucose levels.
Chromium assists blood glucose and insulin management by promoting a healthy cell response to insulin and a normal glucose uptake by the cell. Chromium also supports healthy insulin function.
Berberine is a bioactive compound found in certain plants and promotes balanced blood glucose and insulin levels through various mechanisms. Additionally, berberine positively impacts the gut microbiota and the amount of glucose absorbed in the intestines, contributing to blood glucose management.
Alpha lipoic acid aids in blood glucose management through its unique antioxidant properties and its ability to support healthy, normal inflammatory levels. As an antioxidant, ALA helps reduce oxidative stress, which can contribute to insulin resistance and impaired glucose metabolism. ALA also supports glucose uptake into cells by promoting the proper functioning of insulin receptors and supporting glucose utilization within the cells.
Benfotiamine, a form of vitamin B1, supports blood glucose management by promoting cellular glucose uptake and utilization and better glycemic control. 
As a precursor to glutathione, a powerful antioxidant, NAC helps combat oxidative stress, which is associated with insulin resistance and impaired glucose metabolism. NAC promotes normal glucose uptake and utilization by cells. NAC supports the healthy function of pancreatic beta cells, which produce insulin.
L-carnosine aids blood glucose management by supporting glucose uptake into cells. It supports the body’s ability to respond in a healthy way to insulin and glucose regulation. L-carnosine also promotes energy production in cells which supports efficient glucose utilization.

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