Nutri-Flow: Ultimate Cardiovascular Support Formula

  • Potent enzyme support for cardiovascular, digestive, and immune health 
  • Supports cardiovascular function.
  • Promotes healthy blood flow and circulation, particularly within the smallest, deep capillary vessels of the circulatory system.
  • Supports optimal immune function by promoting immune cell activity.
  • Supports normal, healthy inflammatory levels in the body which can help relieve occasional joint stiffness and seasonal allergies.
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Nutri-Flow is an enzyme formula with numerous health benefits, many of which can't be fully articulated in this description.

ACHIEVE PEAK CARDIOVASCULAR PERFORMANCE | Nutri-Flow promotes overall cardiovascular function, particularly healthy blood pressure, blood flow, and circulation within the smallest, deep capillary vessels of the circulatory system. It supports blood flow to keep the blood at a healthy viscosity, promotes healthy blood vessel adaptation to cholesterol and other lipids, and supports healthy plaque levels.

The enzymes in Nutri-Flow help support a healthy immune response to pathogens and the biofilm that houses them. Bacteria can disguise themselves to hide from the immune system, but the bacteria can still do damage. Once the biofilm is stripped away, the immune system can find it and remove it. Be cautious about doing too good a job too fast, which can cause a Herxheimer reaction.

Enzymes help support normal, healthy inflammatory levels. Enzymes can help relieve occasional joint stiffness by supporting a normal inflammatory response. It supports occasional or seasonal allergies, especially airborne ones, but take the Nutri-Flow capsules away from food so the enzymes aren’t being used to digest food but are being used for their other functionalities.

Take one capsule daily before a meal or two hours after a meal, or as directed by your healthcare professional.
For therapeutic use, take separately from meals.



Bromelain is a digestive, proteolytic enzyme, meaning it digests proteins. Bromelain comes from the green stems of pineapple. 2,400 is a high dose of GDU (gelatin digesting unit), which is a unit of measurement used to express the activity level of enzymes. The higher the GDU value, the more active the enzyme is and the greater its ability to break down proteins. Bromelain supports healthy circulatory function by balancing blood viscosity or thickness. Taking bromelain with a meal will digest protein in the food eaten. Taking bromelain away from food will digest away molecular debris in the blood and tissues.
Serratiopeptidase, also known as serrapeptase, is an enzyme derived from the serratia bacteria found in the intestines of silkworms. It has been used to support healthy, normal levels of inflammation for years. It’s amazing for digesting foreign proteins, so it supports respiratory health, healthy normal blood flow and blood pressure, and supports wound healing by promoting tissue repair.
An enzyme extracted from natto. There aren’t soy remnants in this product. Nattokinase is a safe, powerful, low-cost, and all-natural ingredient for supporting heart and cardiovascular health. Nattokinase provides support to the circulatory system via its impact on blood flow and promoting a healthy viscosity (blood thickness).
A powerful pancreatic enzyme belonging to a superfamily of enzymes called serine proteases. When taken with meals, it is effective at breaking down protein. When taken away from meals, it’s effective at breaking down other proteins around the body that may be causing undesirable symptoms in the body. These proteins are related to inflammation, eye health, wound healing, etc.
Lumbrokinase supports healthy circulatory function by balancing blood viscosity or thickness.

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