5 Benefits of Delicious Incan Goldenberries

1. Sweet-Tart Jewels

Soft and chewy, these golden South American goodies have a tart, citrusy flavor with a hint of sweet.

2. Vitamin Values

Incan Goldenberries are high in two important vitamins: A & C. Vitamin A is great for the eyes, while Vitamin C supports the immune system, and they're both important antioxidants.

3. Age-Fighting Antioxidants

When dried, they’re a particularly dense source of free-radical fighters. Antioxidants help prevent cellular damage, which can lead to aging and health issues.

4. Dietary Fiber

One serving contains about 3 grams of dietary fiber, necessary for healthy digestion and cholesterol levels.

5. Culinary Pairings

Try pairing their unique flavor profile with fine wine, chocolate or cheese.


In France, goldenberries are known as amour en cage (love in a cage), in reference to the protective green calyx each berry grows in.

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