5 Reasons to Love Himalayan Pink Salt

1. Au Naturel

Yes, that rose hue is real! It comes from iron oxide, one of many elements found naturally in Himalayan salt.

2. Frozen in Time

Considered by many to be the purest salt available, it’s mined from ancient sea beds in Pakistan; formed millions of years before the rise of modern pollution. Mineral-stripped, bleached-out table salt and polluted "sea salts" simply don’t compare.

3. Essential Minerals

Himalayan salt contains a whopping 84 elements, all necessary for healthy body function. In addition to sodium, it's particularly rich in minerals like iron, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, potassium and chloride.

4. Detoxifying Salt Baths

Brine baths gently draw out toxins while beneficial minerals are absorbed through the skin. Mix a cup of salt into a warm bath to rejuvenate body and mind.

5. Funky Salt Lamps

Large "rocks" of Himalayan pink salt are fitted with an incandescent light bulb to give off a soothing, ambient glow. It's said they help cleanse the air by emitting negative ions, which neutralize the positive ions given off by ever-present electronics.


The Khewra salt mine in Pakistan includes 25 miles of tunnels that run almost a half mile into the mountains.


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