5 Reasons to Love Raw Cashews

1. A Gentler Nut

Cashews are pleasantly soft and buttery with just a touch of crunch.

2. Heart Healthy

Rich in mono and poly-unsaturated fats like oleic acid, which support healthy heart function.

3. Plant-Based Minerals

A 1-ounce serving has 31.5% of the daily value of copper set by the FDA. Other minerals include manganese, magnesium and phosphorus.

4. Presto Change-O

Magically transform soaked cashews into creamy vegan sauces, desserts, milk, soups, ice cream -  even cheese.

5.  All-Natural Thickener

Since 10% of their weight is starch, ground cashews can naturally thicken soups and stews; a popular technique in many Southeast Asian cuisines.


Instead of growing in shells, cashews grow from the fruit of the cashew tree, known as cashew apples.



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