Fall Recipe: Apple Salad with Figs and Almonds

Dietitian's tip:

Figs — a sweet fruit with soft flesh and tiny edible seeds — are a good source of iron, calcium and phosphorus. Dried figs are a good source of fiber. You can eat figs raw, with or without their peel, or use them in baked goods.


    2 large red apples, cored and diced
    6 dried figs, chopped
    2 ribs of celery, diced
    1/2 cup fat-free lemon yogurt
    2 tablespoons slivered almonds
    2 carrots, peeled and grated


In a small bowl, combine the apples, figs and celery. Add yogurt and mix thoroughly. Serve on separate plates topped with almonds and garnished with grated carrots. Serves 6.

Nutritional Analysis

(per serving)

Calories 95 Cholesterol 0 mg
Protein 2 g Sodium 35 mg
Carbohydrate 17 g Fiber 3 g
Total fat 2 g Potassium 323 mg
Saturated fat trace Calcium 73 mg
Monounsaturated fat 1 g


Recipe courtesy of MayoClinic.com, found here.

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