Bath Recipes For Everyday Ailments

Stressed? Trouble Sleeping? Achy? A long soak in a warm bath may be just the treatment you need. Here are the must-have bath flakes and essential oils for any bath diva.

Tips to get the most out of your essential oils and bath time.

#1: DON’T add essential oils directly into your bathwater. Water and oil don’t mix, so the oil will sit on top of the bathwater. When you climb into the tub, the drops of oil can adhere to your skin as if you’d applied the oil directly onto your skin. This will irritate and burn.

#2: DO combine your essential oil with a carrier oil first, like coconut, olive, almond, sunflower or jojoba. For a single bath, 3 to 10 drops of essential oil in a tablespoon of carrier oil is sufficient to create a very aromatic, therapeutic bath.

#3: DO stir the bath before climbing in to help circulate the oils.

#4: DO fill the tub first and turn off the water before adding essential oils for full aromatic effect.

#5: DO be careful of a slippery tub. Clean your tub afterwards to prevent future falls. Baking soda and castile soap are great de-greasers.

#6: DO pick essential oils to match your bath-time mood and therapeutic needs.


Chamomile + Lavender

This duo is well known for their soothing, sleep-inducing properties. Add some dried lavender, along with a few chamomile tea bags, into your bath. Let the tea steep and remove the bags before getting in. If you use essential oils, you can also add 5 drops of each of lavender and chamomile to your bath.


Magnesium Bath Flakes + Hot Water

The magnesium in the flakes (Magnesium Chloride) helps muscle and joint soreness, and heat promotes better blood flow and circulation.



Lavender’s calming, relaxing mental effects have the biggest influence on premenstrual emotional symptoms and support your mood. It also acts as a mild analgesic for cramps when absorbed through the skin. Add 5 to 10 drops to your bath.


Peppermint + Eucalyptus + Bath Flakes

The eucalyptus aroma, along with the natural menthol in peppermint, is great for congestion and clogged sinuses. Add 5 drops of each, along with your bath flakes.


Lavender + Rose

Both lavender and rose have soothing scents with a calming, relaxing effect. Use 5 to 10 drops of each.

All of these are making me want to head off to the tub! See you later, that's where I'm going :)

Kelly Harrington, MS, RDN

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist for Healthy Goods

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