Cell Salt #12: Silicea

Do your nails break easily? Do your you have horrible foot sweat?! Have an infection you need help with? If YES, then Silicea is for you! 

Silicea is the twelfth of twelve cell salts. It is also known as Silicic acid or silica. This cell salt is made from rock crystals.

Where is Silicea found?

It is found in our bones, teeth, hair, nails, glands, skin, and mucus membranes.

What is Silicea used for? 


#1 remedy for removing foreign objects from the body. Silica has a reputation as the “homeopathic lancet” because it hastens the pus-formation process. For example, boils or abscesses that are painful but not discharging yet. Give after a splinter has become embedded, and it will help the foreign body to be “evicted!” It helps with infections and post-surgical scars that are inflamed, painful, and slow to heal. Helps with acne with a lot of pus, leaving pock marks. Dental abscesses and infections of the gums.


Use after surgery to help get strength back. Someone who has a short energy expenditure range, such as feeling exhausted after only 1 to 2 hours of waking in the morning. Silica is a great energy manager. People needing it delegate their energy...for example, manage their energy and time because of their concerns about running out of energy.


Sweating is a key indicator a person needs Silica!  Horrible foot sweat and foot odor, and the sweat eats through socks.  Silica people sometimes wash their feet multiple times a day.  The worst thing you can do is use foot powder to suppress the sweat because anytime you suppress sweat in a silica person it makes them worse.  This remedy is used for athlete's foot.  Also works on sweaty hands or armpits.  Perspiration stains yellow. 


Lack of heat...people needing Silica tend to get cold easily.


#1 cell salt for nails that break easily. Cracking nails, brittle nails, toenail problems with fungus, ingrown toenails, nails with white spots on them. Hair and nails are weak, brittle, thin, and break easily.


Teething babies take forever to produce teeth and get sick with diarrhea, cough, or a cold with every tooth.


Silica is also useful for building the health and strength of bones after a fracture—take in alternation with Calc fluor and/or Calc phos.


Silica may be indicated for constipation with large, hard stools and lots of straining.


Headaches after a heavy period of work or with a sinus infection. These headaches settle over the eyes and make the forehead feel heavy.


Feelings of lack of self confidence. Feelings of a lack of "grit." Feelings of shyness or timidity.

How do I take cell salts?

To learn how to take cell salts, go here.

In Health and Happiness,

Kelly Harrington, MS, RDN

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist for Healthy Goods


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