Sip A Cinnamon Coconut Latte For Gut Health

This hot drink contains collagen and coconut oil, both with contain gut healing properties. Adding collagen peptides to this cinnamon coconut latte is an easy way to improve gut health and give your skin, joints and bones the nutrition it needs.

Collagen proteins serve two main functions in the body: structure and regeneration. It’s the structural component for all tissues in the body, providing the strength and resilience typically associated with youth, beauty, and wellness. Our favorite, NeoCell, contains high quality collagen proteins that support healthy skin, hair, nails and optimal

This lovely drink is Dairy-free, Nut-free, Egg-free & Paleo.

Gut- Healing Cinnamon Coconut Latte

Ingredients in 1 serving

12 oz. organic coffee

2 tsp coconut oil (or 2 tsps MCT oil)

½ - 1 tsp unsalted grass-fed butter (for dairy-free option, sub additional coconut oil)

¼ - ½ tsp cinnamon

¼ cup unsweetened coconut milk or almond milk (optional but adds more creaminess)

1/8 tsp organic vanilla extract

1 scoop NeoCell collagen peptides


1. Brew coffee in a coffee maker or French press.

2. While coffee is brewing, in a saucepan over medium heat (or microwave) melt and heat the coconut oil/butter and optional milk. This keeps your latte nice and hot.

3. Pour 12 oz. coffee in a blender, add the remaining ingredients and blend on high for 10-15 seconds until creamy and frothy.

4. Pour in coffee mug and enjoy.

Nutrition Facts for one latte made with dairy-free milk:

Cals: 155 | Fat: 13 g | Carbs: 1 g | Sugar: 0 g | Pro: 9 g | Sodium: 71 mg

Recipe courtesy of The Real Food RDs.

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