Dr. Oz Extols Sea Buckthorn

SALT LAKE CITY--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The sea buckthorn berry, a cherished Himalayan beauty and health care secret, was commended once again by Dr. Oz on his June 2, 2011, “The Dr. Oz Show” for its health benefits in losing weight, preventing constipation and a valuable base ingredient in a facial moisturizer.

Dr. Oz spoke about a recent study where mice were fed a high fat diet. Some of those mice received sea buckthorn berries while the control group did not. The control group became extremely fat and developed diabetes and heart disease; the other mice were fed the sea buckthorn berry juice and did not become overweight or develop any health complications associated with obesity. The study results conclude that the sea buckthorn berry signals the body to stop storing unnecessary fat, and attributed mainly to the prevalence of Omega-7.

Dr. Oz also spoke about the benefits of the sea buckthorn berry in preventing constipation. When the lining of the intestinal tract is not healthy, it can become dry. Omega-7 fatty acids help to keep the lining of the intestinal tract lubricated by secreting mucus so that everything can pass through quickly and easily. Dr. Oz recommends taking one 500 mg of a sea buckthorn capsule daily.

Dr. Oz’s final suggestion encourages the use of the sea buckthorn oil in keeping skin looking young and beautiful. He demonstrated how to rub the oil into the face to prevent wrinkles and encouraged its use once a day applied topically.

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Article courtesy of yahoo.com/businesswire, found here.


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