25 Fast Fitness Tips - Served Up Quick

We all know that regular exercise and a healthy diet are the key ingredients for a successful student (or any adult!), but with classes, work and taking care of our families it’s often the last thing we do.

While the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends the average adult receive 150 minutes of exercise per week, or two and a half hours, sometimes that’s not realistic. Making time in your day for meeting the minimum recommendation is easier than you think and can start you on your way to a healthier you—but of course, working out for longer than the minimum won’t hurt, either!

As you look for ways to get more out of your day, consider working in these fun, simple, and fast tips for on-the-go fitness. It’s the little steps that count, literally.

1. Break your workouts into 10-minute blocks

2. Take the dog on a longer walk

3. Spend 5-10 minutes doing a few sets of your preferred reps in the morning or before bed

4. Sitting in a rolling chair, use your arms to pull yourself across a room to build upper body strength

5. Run for 5 minutes

6. Play outside with your children. A family that sweats together, stays together

7. Using 2 Frisbee rings around your wrists, spin your arms in wide, controlled circles to get your blood flowing

8. Don’t wait for busses—walk to the next stop if you can

9. Wake up 10 minutes earlier to fit in some exercise

10. Spin a hula hoop around your waist while sitting on your bed or another flat surface

11. Walk to the grocery store or whichever errands are in walking distance

12. Take your breakfast to go (yogurts, fruits, oatmeal, hardboiled eggs—these all travel well)

13. Have several small, healthy snacks throughout the day

14. Drink water throughout the day, including after every meal to improve digestion

15. Stand up while studying

16. Stand up while riding the bus or train

17. Stand up for phone calls

18. Push a weighted ball (such as a medicine ball) across the room gently with your feet to build leg strength 1

9. While sitting, dance in your chair to an upbeat tune, making sure to move your core and your arms

20. Spend 10 minutes doing jumping jacks

21. Use every day household objects to lift weights (a bag of rice, heavy books, milk jugs, etc.)

22. Put groceries away one item at a time

23. Try to take 10,000 steps per day

24. Go to bed at the same time each night to get your internal clock in a rhythm

25. Wash your car thoroughly inside and out

For students on the go, balancing classes with your work schedule, family life, and downtime can seem like a work out in and of itself. With so little time in your day, it’s not always easy to squeeze in a full-length exercise routine. This is no reason to give up on the idea of exercising. As you can see, there’s still plenty you can do to stay fit! 

Article courtesy of Strayer University and found here.

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