How to Get Cod Liver Oil Down Easier

Miss Poppins had the right idea about the spoon full of sugar trick to get down the nasty stuff. Too bad it's not good for your energy level, blood sugar, or your teeth.

Our customers have shared a couple healthier tricks for getting down potent fish oils. After trying a variety of flavors and sweeteners to help disguise its pungent taste, turns out nutmeg is a wonderful flavor distractor!

Other ideas: cinnamon, peanut butter, natural lemon extract (a tiny amount). If sugar is absolutely your thing, monk fruit is a good alternative without spiking your blood sugar as much as table sugar. Storing your cod liver oil in the fridge helps reduce its strong flavor, too.

Of course, maybe you're still doing it the ol' fashioned way--pinching your nose and swallowing fast with a grimace. Whatever you do, just don't stop taking it.


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