Holiday Gift Guide: Best Gifts For The Athlete

Fuel every athlete's passion with these fitness-inspired gifts. If your loved one is competitive and loves to reach their goals, they absolutely have a wish list of supplies they want and need. 

Klean Kanteen 18 oz. with Sports Cap
Keep the athlete in your life hydrated with a perfect every-day companion for work, commuting, or the gym. 

Uckele Physio Blast X9
Love this pre-workout blend that supports lean body mass, cardiovascular health, and exercise recovery. It promotes energy production, stamina, and recovery from strenuous exercise.

Pure Planet Tart Cherry Concentrate
Tart cherries are one of nature's most powerful antioxidant foods, and they're used to reduce muscle inflammation, minimize post-workout pain and speed muscle recovery.

Red Ace Organic Beet Shot
Drink beet juice after a workout to stimulate blood flow and support healthy blood pressure levels after exercising.

Live Superfoods Coconut Water Powder
Simple, convenient, and cost-effective with the same powerful nutritional benefits & flavor of fresh coconut water. This coconut powder dissolves easily in water.

Blender Bottle, ProStak, Teal

Say 'goodbye' to lumpy protein shakes with the effective blender ball wire whisk. The screw-on lid is leak-proof, and the adjustable carry loop lets you hold more when your hands are full. The bottle is BPA and Phthalate free.


Pure Planet Sports Salts
Replace the trace minerals lost while sweating to prevent muscle cramps and speed recovery.


Primal Pit Paste Natural Deodorant
One of the best deodorants on the market. It's completely natural -- made from organic coconut oil, organic Shea butter, non-aluminum baking soda, and organic arrowroot powder. 

Honestly pHresh Fresh Bamboo Body Wash
Escape to the spa while using this wash. It cleanses and balances your skin with a crisp blend of natural sugars and coconut.


Happy Holidays,

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