How To Use Neem In Your Daily Routine

What Is Neem?

Neem is a tree—a tropical evergreen tree! It’s primarily found in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, and the bark, leaves, and seeds are used to promote health, attributed to its rich antioxidant content. For over 4000 years, neem has been used extensively in Ayurvedic medicine, and Indian women have relied upon neem for daily skin care to support their skin health.


One of the top neem benefits is it doesn't contain any harsh, toxic chemicals, while supporting healthy skin and maintaining normal moisture content of the skin.

Neem oil is rich in vitamin E, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids, making it a superb natural moisturizer for extremely dry skin. Neem oil has been used for many years in SE Asia. It’s extracted from the seeds of the neem tree, and contains over 140 properties shown to be very effective at supporting healthy skin. The most important component in neem oil is nimbidin, a property that supports a normal inflammatory response. 

The exceptional properties of neem and neem oil can be used to promote the body's innate resistance to pathogens and help maintain a normal inflammatory response, which in turns maintains your skin.

Neem leaf is used to support and assist the immune system. The leaves are available as capsules, tablets, or as neem tea.


Applying neem leaf extract gel to the teeth and gums twice daily for six weeks supports healthy teeth and gums, and promotes normal periodontal health. It's flouride-free, and is safe for children. 

Finger Nails

Neem oil stops nails from splintering and peeling due to external factors like prolonged water exposure, fake nails and nail polish, overusing the nails as tools, etc. Just massage a drop or two of neem oil into your fingernails and cuticles. You can mask the smell by putting some nicer smelling lotion over the top. 

With all the possible uses of neem,

How Can You Incorporate Neem Into Your Daily Routine?

  • Each morning, brush your teeth using toothpaste that contains neem oil.
  • Use a neem soap to wash your face, and when showering, use a neem bar of soap on your body.
  • After washing your face, use a facial lotion with neem oil.
  • To moisturize your body, use a neem body butter. 
  • For men, use a neem shaving and body bar.

Spruce up your skin and give neem a try! 

In Health and Happiness,

Kelly Harrington, MS, RDN

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist for Healthy Goods



HS Puri. Neem: The Devine Tree Azadirachta indica, Hardwood Academic Publishers, 1999; pg. 103.


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