Iced Yerba Maté: Brisk and Refreshing

A stimulating and refreshing iced yerba maté is the perfect warm-weather drink!

Cool water brewing:

fill teaball infuser with your favorite yerba maté (or use bags) and place in a 8-12 ounce glass jar or mug, filling with cool, filtered water. Refrigerate overnight.

Refreshing flavor options:

• Add a spoonful of agave nectar, coconut nectar or raw honey, along with a squeeze of lemon to a glass filled with ice, pouring chilled maté over.

• Add a spoonful of an organic, frozen juice concentrate (orange-pineapple is especially good) to your chilled maté.

• Combine frothed vanilla almond milk with your maté for a frappie.

Sip, relax for a moment, and enjoy.


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