Introducing: Whole Formulas

Live Superfoods is proud to offer Whole Formulas, an expertly-crafted line of herbal supplements, vitamins and minerals of the utmost purity and potency. All products are 100% gluten-free, kosher, non-GMO and vegetarian.

Take a peek at what sets Whole Formulas apart:

Straight from the Source

Never fumigated or irradiated, the herbs in Whole Formulas products are picked at the peak of their potency to capture their vitality. Skilled botanists source these herbs with a meticulous eye and a deep reverence for the environment, bringing you as close to homegrown as possible.

Expert Formulations

Whole Formulas' extensive line of extracts, capsules and herbal oils are expertly formulated by clinical herbalists in an FDA-registered and Kosher-certified lab, following strict GMP guidelines.

No Additives, Binders, Artificial Ingredients, Etc.

No fillers, binders, or lubricants like magnesium stearate are ever used. No artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or anything else concocted in a petri dish.

Respectfully Vegetarian/Vegan

While the majority of Whole Formulas products are vegan, a small handful contain honey. Committed to supporting their vegan customers, this ingredient is clearly listed on applicable products.

The Team Behind Whole Formulas

Uncompromised in their expectation of quality, the Whole Formulas staff insists on offering only the products they would give to friends and family, or take themselves; untainted formulas that honor the gifts of mother nature.

From the leadership team right down to the packers, their mission is the same - to provide premium, pure supplements that earn the trust of their valued customers.

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