New Chapter's Wholemega Salmon Oil Wins Best Supplements Award!

New Chapter's Wholemega Won Best of Supplements Award!

Wholemega Whole Fish Oil has been recognized by Better Nutrition Magazine’s Best of Supplements Awards. Better Nutrition’s Best of Supplements Awards are given to the magazine’s favorite products after careful consideration of each product’s quality and ingredients, its unique contribution to the marketplace, and its impact with readers, experts, and customers.

“New Chapter is honored by Better Nutrition’s acknowledgement of Wholemega. We are supremely grateful to Wholemega’s source, the incredible Wild Alaskan Salmon. Our goal is to harness the wisdom of Nature that this wild marvel embodies. Our proprietary process protects and retains the compounds that exist naturally in wild salmon—such as Omega fatty acids, Vitamin D, and the antioxidant Astaxanthin. The State of Alaska deserves credit for protecting this amazing resource,” says Paul Schulick, Founder, Formulator, and Master Herbalist for New Chapter.

About Wholemega

Wholemega offers a whole-food alternative to the conventional fish oils in the marketplace. Its proprietary extra-virgin process, similar to fine olive oil, preserves the whole Omegas, natural antioxidants, and Vitamin D3 that other fish oils can destroy in processing. Sustainable and naturally pure, Wholemega combines Wild Alaskan Salmon oil with a patent-pending, supercritical antioxidant stability system to ensure freshness and potency.

Wholemega has also been clinically shown to reduce triglyceride levels - a key marker in heart health.

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