Welcome to our new store!

Our new store has been in the works for almost a year and there are too many change to list here, but we'd like to tell you about a few that you'll benefit from right away.

Tiered Pricing

More than half of our products now have price tiers that allow you to select even greater saving for purchasing several of the same item.  Just enter your desired quantity and the discount is automatically applied.

More Product Photos and Labels

Beneath most product photos, there are a set of thumbnail (small) images that can be used to select additional images.  These images include alternate product photos, botanical photos and product labels.  Adding these images is a work in progress, but our goal is to have great photos and product labels for every product to help you make an even more informed buying decision.

Click 'View Full Size" to see a close-up of any photograph, or to zoom in a product label. (Some of the photos are truly amazing!)

Digg, Tweet & Tell a Friend

Found a product that you're really excited about?  Tell your friends and folowers by clicking the 'ShareThis with a Friend' button and selecting from email, Facebook, Digg, Twitter and more.  We think you'll find lots to tweet about!

Personal Account Dashboard

Some of the most exciting new features appear in your Account Dashboard.  Aftering loggiong into your account, you're presented with the dashboard.  In the dashboard you can:

  • Make changes to your shipping & billing addresses
  • Add shipping addresses for your friends and family that you buy for frequently
  • Change your password
  • Subscribe (or unsubcribe) from our newsletter and sale alerts
  • View your account history (we weren't able to add history from our old store but we're keeping track starting now!)
  • Reorder products - just select a previous order, hit reorder and all items are added to your shopping basket
  • View your order status and effortlessly view UPS shipment status
  • Review your wishlist
  • See the product reviews you've posted

Its all pretty intuitive, so dive right in.  We think you'll be impressed.

Single Page Checkout

Groomed to Zoom?  Our new checkout is a breeze!  

We could ramble on for another hour, but we'll leave it to you to discover the other enhancements.  Our goal was to provide a dramatically better shopping experience.  We hope you'll find that to be the case.

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