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Healthy Goods is proud to carry the SoTru line; organic whole-food nutrition with one important twist: fermentation. This ancient preservation method unlocks the full nutritional potency of plants, enhances digestibility, supports healthy pH and alkalinity, and more.

The Definition of SoTru

A profound self-affirming truth that when spontaneously spoken, resonates with your heart, mind, body and soul. 

It's honest, clean, green nutrition for your best self. From vegan protein powders and super greens to medicinal mushrooms, every product is overflowing with life-enhancing vitamins, minerals, plant proteins and phytonutrients.

Fermentation is proudly done in-house via their multifaceted process, TruFerm. Both ancient practices and modern methods are used to yield peak nutritional and digestive value.

Founders Jade and Rick have an uncompromised dedication to the environment and the sustainability of raw materials. They support the livelihood of small organic farms to sustain and expand organic land, and ensure the sustainability of specialty crops, like organic mushrooms.

"Everything we have done in the creation of SoTru was with pure and absolute intention - from the product formulations to the package design to attract people of like mind and conviction. We hope we have spoken to you." - Founders Rick Haynes & Jade Beutler

Learn More About the SoTru Line 

All products are USDA-certified organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free.

1. Fermented Alkalizing Greens, 8.47 oz (240g)

Provides nutrient-dense green foods that are easy to digest and assimilate, thanks to the ancient practice of fermentation. Cleansing and alkalizing to promote a healthy pH balance, with wheatgrass, spirulina, chlorella, kale, spinach and more.

2. Fermented Digestive Greens, 6.35 oz (180g)

Offers highly nutritional super-greens (wheatgrass, spirulina & more) that are easy to digest and assimilate. Truly comprehensive, it also features digestive enzymes, prebiotics, probiotics, an herbal digestive/alkalizing blend, colostrum and fiber.

3. Fermented Fruitful Greens, 8.47 oz (240g)

A full-spectrum mix of nutritious super-greens, vegetables and anthocyanin-rich red foods, including cranberry, pomegranate and acai, for antioxidant support. Easy to digest and assimilate.

4. Fermented Medicinal Mushrooms Drink Mix, 8.47 oz (240g)

Contains six prized varieties for stress and immune support, fermented to enhance absorption and unlock their full nutritional potency. Includes prebiotic fiber for gastrointestinal balance. Refreshing citrus flavor, sweetened with stevia.

5. Vegan Protein Shake, ChocolateVanilla & Vanilla Chai

Packed with digestible plant-based protein (18g per serving), plus fermented fruits and veggies, probiotics and enzymes for enhanced nutrient assimilation. Great for muscle recovery and weight management.

6. Fermented Turmeric & Ginger Drink Mix, 4.76 oz

This drink mix is mildly sweet, smooth and refreshing. A delicious way to consume turmeric and ginger together, while maximizing bioavailability. There are up to 30mg curcuminoids per serving to help support a healthy inflammatory response. This drink is meant to support digestion, cardiovascular and liver health. It's sugar-free and only 15 calories. 

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