Amazing Algae: Our Top Picks

When you set out to eat more greens in your diet, I suspect algae isn’t at the top of your list – but maybe it should be.

Algae gets its bright green color from chlorophyll, which is critical for photosynthesis, and the most important biological compound needed for a plant to live and thrive. It only makes sense for humans to eat more of this beneficial pigment.

These are our top algae choices because they’re full of chlorophyll, packed with nutrition, and create an alkaline environment in the body.

Amazing Algae #1: Chlorella

  • A single-celled algae
  • A beautiful deep green color
  • High in chlorophyll (green pigment)
  • Full of nutrients: essential fats, vitamin C, B-vitamins, beta-carotene, iron, calcium, magnesium
  • Alkalizing
  • Its small size and molecular structure allow it to bond to metals, chemicals, and even some pesticides to support normal detoxification.
  • Supports healthy bowel flora

Amazing Algae #2: Spirulina

  • A single-cell algae
  • A blue-green algae
  • High in chlorophyll (green pigment)
  • High in phycocyanin (blue pigment) 
  • Full of nutrients: protein, beta-carotene, iron, calcium, vitamin B12  
  • Alkalizing
  • Phycocyanin supports healthy liver and kidney function during detoxification.
  • Antioxidant-rich
  • Contains B12, making it a great choice for vegans.

Amazing Algae #3: Red Marine

  • Over 4,000 species of red algae exist.
  • Gigartina and Dumontiacae are most popular
  • Supports healthy immune function and enhances immune response.
  • Contains vitamin K and is mineral-rich
  • Antioxidant-rich

How to Use Chlorella Powder
A teaspoon a day is all you need. Chlorella powder is good mixed into water with a little lemon, blended into a green smoothie or mixed with other beverages, like coconut kefir.

How to Use Spirulina Powder
Start with 1 teaspoon and increase to 1 tablespoon or more over time. Simply mix it into your morning smoothie or daily juice. Adding the sweetness of fruit like bananas, pineapple, and mango to your drink, which does a nice job balancing spirulina’s strong flavor.

Spirulina can also be added to desserts, such as raw chocolate brownies or truffle-style energy treats often made with pureed dates, nuts, coconut and other natural ingredients.

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