Stainless Steel For Your Kiddo

Are you an expecting mom? Have a toddler running around? Need a baby gift that’s sure to please? From experience, a high quality, safe water bottle is a must, even for breastfeeding mothers. 

Obviously, every parent wants to ensure their child's environment is as healthy as possible. For this reason, I recommend a stainless steel product for your little one to drink out of (Say NO to plastic anything). Food-grade stainless steel is totally free of BPA and other toxins shown to be hazardous to health, especially for a little person like a baby or toddler. Glass is another healthy option, but not very realistic for a toddler known to throw things. 

Avoid BPA

BPA is a known xenoestrogen, which are synthetic, man-made chemicals that increase the amount of estrogenic activity in the body. Therefore, they can disrupt how our hormones are supposed to work. Research shows BPA activates estrogen receptors (1, 2) and stimulates breast cancer cell growth (3).

In the developing fetus, estrogen controls the development of the brain, the reproductive system and many other systems. As a xenoestrogen, BPA and can duplicate, block or exaggerate hormonal responses. This is very concerning for parents because some animal studies report ill effects in fetuses and newborns exposed to BPA.

My Favorite Choice

My favorite toddler kanteen is made by Klean Kanteen. I have one for each kiddo, and let me tell you, these things can take a beating (falling off the counter, being thrown across the room, traveling in your purse or diaper bag, etc.). There are various lid options too. I like the soft silicone spout because it's easy for the kids to drink out of (aka: no spills), and it won't chip their teeth. The second lid option is a loop cap, which is handy because it can hook onto a bag or stroller with just a carabiner. But the lid comes all the way off, so if you're concerned about water spilling, stick to the spout option. The 12-ounce sippy bottles come in a variety of awesome colors, like puffin's bill with a loop cap and ruby red with a sports cap, or go simple with a brushed stainless 12-oz kanteen

All kanteens are made from 18/8, food-grade stainless steel -- totally free of BPA and other unhealthy toxins. 

In Health and Happiness,

Kelly Harrington, MS, RDN

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist for Healthy Goods

1.  Routledge EJ, White R, Parker MG, Sumpter JP. Differential effects of xenoestrogens on coactivator recruitment by estrogen receptor (ER) αand ERβJ Biol Chem. 2000;46:35986–35993.

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