Start Fresh in February

Feeling a little uninspired by your new year's resolutions? We're here to help. Try these simple tips to get back in touch with your goals for 2016.

Ideas from Real Simple, Feb. 2016.

1. Appreciate silence.

2. Explore a new part of your community.

3. No electronics before bed.

4. Focus on your breath for 5 minutes.

5. Switch coffee for herbal tea.

6. Start a gratitude journal.

7. Tell someone you appreciate their work.

8. Take a brisk walk.

9. Spend time with a beloved pet.

10. Expect nothing. Welcome everything.

11. Make and share a workout playlist.

12. Plan a mini vacation.

13. Write a personal mantra.

14. Stretch.

15. Buy local, farm-fresh produce.

16. Take an art class.

17. Get a massage.

18. Slumber deeply with a soothing sleep mask.

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